• 1993-10-08
  • (k) There is about 4 minutes missing from this show, last minute or two of the final track, and almost all of one of the Tindersticks session tracks in the tape switchover between parts a and b - I did not get my doubledeck until 95/96 I think, and may have been out of the room when the first tape finished. But all the Tindersticks session tracks from this their first Peel session are on their BBC Sessions double CD from Universal, a nice collection.
  • (sb) The last 36 minutes of the second file are actually from 24 September 1993. Tim's Tracklisting recently available indicates that there were more than 4 minutes between the files.
  • (k) I may have taped this show because I think this was the weekend after IN SESSION TONIGHT was published, a few days after the over the top launch party at Maida Vale, at which Buzzcocks had played live from MV4 into the Jakki Brambles Show. So I was intensely focusssed on all session-based shows. Hope you like it.


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File a begins

File b begins

File b ends

Tracks marked § are not yet available.

Tracks marked @ available on File c

Tracks marked $ available on File d

Tracks marked # available on File e

Tracks marked £ available on File f

Thanks to Tim for the handwritten playlist.


  • a) Peel 1993-10-08a
  • b) Peel 1993-10-08b
  • c) 1993-10-xx Peel October 1993
  • d) 1993-09-xx-10-xx Peel Show LE195
  • e) John Peel 09 Oct 1993 etc.mp3
  • f) John Peel 08 Oct 1993.mp3
  • g) John Peel 01 02 and 08 Oct 1993.mp3
  • a) 01:31:14
  • b) 01:27:27 (to 50:48) (File continues with section of 24 September 1993
  • c) 01:32:25 (15:14-21:02) (15:14-17:26 unique)
  • d) 1:33:07 (1:11:50-1:26:52) (from 1:18:59 unique)
  • e) 1:35:30 (until 0:02:35)
  • f) 0:47:18
  • g) 1:34:44 (1:06:43 on) (1:29:49-1:31:32 unique)
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