• 1994-10-08
  • Second of two shows from Glasgow. The other was broadcast the previous day, 07 October 1994. Peel was in the city as part of the council-backed "Ten Day Weekend" music festival, which included him at an event with Ken Garner at the Glasgow Film Theatre on the Friday afternoon.[1]
  • Start of show: “Thanks very much, Sophie, and thanks, Andy. This is My Favourite.”
  • Peel interviews Graham Kemp and Jennifer from Kitten Frenzy fanzine. Before playing an Urusei Yatsura track from the publication’s Kazoo Collection compilation, he invites Kemp and the rest of the band to record a session (they eventually did three). Peel had seen them live at Glasgow’s 13th Note venue two days earlier with Ken Garner and others.[2]
  • From other interviews on the show, we learn that session band Shriek are about to go on tour with Elastica and Teenage Fanclub have just finished recording at The Manor. Peel tells both Ros from Shriek and Paul from AC Acoustics that he will be going to their gig that evening. (See also 07 October 1994.)
  • The Mary Monday & The Bitches single, played here after a listener request, was later found in John Peel's Record Box.
  • The H-Foundation track, which Peel says has aroused “considerable interest”, ended the year at #11 in the 1994 Festive Fifty.



(end of Andy Kershaw show, including matey DJ chat with Peel, followed by 4.30 news)
(Kitten Frenzy mag interview)
(Ros from Shriek interview)
(5.30 news)
(Sports report - David Belcher (music critic of Glasgow Herald) Partick Thistle v Midlothian, 0-1)
(Raymond of Teenage Fan Club interview)
(sports report - Paul of AC Acoustics, Queens Park v East Stirling, 2-3)
(6.30 news)
(sports report – John Williamson of Sound City, Kilmarnock v Dundee United, 0-2)
(JP: “And when Ken Garner and meself did our little kind of chat at the Film Theatre in Glasgow yesterday, somebody brought in a tray of plants as a present, which will be extraordinarily appreciated, particularly when I get them back home to East Anglia.”)


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