• 1991-09-08
  • Peel says 'Great news for Bryan Adams, no question' after the 11.30pm news mentions at the end of their report that Bryan Adams is still at number 1 in the UK singles chart for 10 consecutive weeks.
  • Peel plays a track from the Killbrains covering Sonic Youth's Tunic. He also believes the track from the compilation album called Gioventu' Sonica, means Sonic Youth, which turns out to be correct, as it is an Italian translation.
  • Peel plays a track from the Lively Ones covering the Chantays' Pipeline.



(11.30pm news) (edited out on File 6)
(JP: 'Here's some lemon vinyl from Melbourne')
  • Glory Box: 'Precipice (7")' (Shock)
  • Del-Bloods: 'Black Rabbit (7"-Black Rabbit / Rose)' (Seminal Twang)
  • Cheeba Wizard: 'Do You Think This Is An Ounce? (I Want My Money Back) (12")' (Hardcore Urban Music) @ #1
  • Stereolab: 'Changer' (Peel Session) @
  • F9's: 'The Same Old Thing (12"-U.B. Nice)' (Kold Sweat)
  • Hinnies: 'Gong (12"-Tfft)' (Bad Girl) @ (Peel plays the white label version of the single and is not sure what's the title of it)
  • Ivor Cutler: 'Two Coy Hinnies / Insect / Seaweed' (Peel Session) $
(JP: 'Ivor Cutler, Two Coy Hinnies, Insect and Seaweed. Did someone say seaweed?')
(JP: '...Produced by Jack Endino, as with this')
(JP: 'An appropriate title on a day in which I read in I think the Observer that Uganda has banned the advertising of condoms: really smart move. This is as a result of pressure from the churches, so a ripple for them, and tens of thousands of people condemned to hateful deaths as a consequence, no doubt.')
(JP: 'Unless you're amazingly dense, I don't think you're going to need me to give you the title of that.')
(1.00 am news)
  • Leatherface: 'Not A Day Goes By (CD-Mush' (Roughneck Recording Company) #5
(JP: 'Nothing in the news, I note, about the Bryan Adams record, because there was at 11.30. Apparently it's been number one for ten weeks, and the only record that's been number one longer was 'Rose Marie' by Slim Whitman. The other day, I heard Simon Mayo, in what I'm sure is called something like 'the Morning Posse', rather taking the mickey actually out of 'Rose Marie' by Slim Whitman, which wounded me, and I tried to find a copy of it at home to play to you without interrupting it with clever remarks, but unfortunately couldn't find a copy. I used to sing it at school, and rather prettily as well.')
(JP (surveying the Radio 1 schedule): 'Gary King at 4 o'clock, with what is described as 'the UK's brightest early show'. Exactly how they measure that, I'm not quite sure, but I'm sure they've got some very sophisticated equipment to do that. Then at 6 o'clock, the Breakfast Show, with Simon Mayo, Diane Oxbury and Rod McKenzie, and it says, "Today's show features your first chance to vote for the Best Newcomer in the 1991 Smash Hits Awards", and says you have to listen to the programme to find out how to vote. I hope it's not one of those, well it probably is, one of those things where they give you a list of about six people who seem to have been around since the days when we all wore woad, and you have to choose one of them. But perhaps you'd like to listen to that and make your own suggestions.')
(JP: 'Time for a little surf music')

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