• 1993-04-09

(K message to Peel Mailing List)

  • Here, finally, is the last of Peel's five lunchtime shows from April 1993, and to my astonishment and I hope your delight, I can present you with the complete show minus only a few seconds.
  • (For full details of the reconstruction of the full show from K's C90 tapes and sections previously available on John Peel Torrent Compilation 8 of 17 (1967-1993) see here.)
  • So we have it all. I have not tried to connect them all up and edit down, partly because the Torrent files are at an appalling low quality rip, and partly to be able to demonstrate by the overlaps that nothing is missing. Taking away the overlaps and gaps, I have calculated these recordings' total duration comes to 150' 45", pretty close for a scheduled 2.5 hr show.
  • And as I hint above, for this final show Peel rediscovers his form of the start of the week, but is also clearly demob happy and frankly taking the piss in many links, somehow knowing he was never going to be asked to do this again. His comments on the George Michael and Queen record are priceless.
  • If the original source of the Torrent fragments is the collection of someone here gathered, perhaps a higher quality rip and eventual reconstruction of the whole to a decent level might be possible one day. But for now, enjoy!


  • Show is on Good Friday and starts half an hour later than the other lunchtime shows that week. Peel also has a regular evening programme that night (starting 10.45pm rather than the usual 11pm).


  • n/a


  • (end of Simon Bates show, handover)
  • Fastbacks: Gone To The Moon (7” single) Sub Pop

File 2 begins during above

File b begins

File 6 begins

  • Lenny Kravitz: Are You Gonna Go My Way? (single) Virgin
  • PJ Harvey: Highway 61 Revisited (LP – Rid Of Me) Island
  • Camille Howard: Ferocious Boogie (LP – Specialty Legends Of Boogie Woogie) Specialty
  • Duran Duran: Come Undone (single) Parlophone

File 6 pauses (news) and jumps to Aerosmith below

  • David Bowie: Jump They Say (single) Arista
  • Tsunami: Load Hog (aka Diner) (7” single) Simple Machines
  • Martha & The Muffins: Echo Beach (single) DinDisc
  • REM: Everybody Hurts (single) Warner Bros. File 6 recommences here but out of sequence as it is around 31 minutes into the tape and following the bits from Aerosmith to the end of the programme.

File 2 ends and File 3 begins

File b ends File c begins


File c pauses

File d begins

File 3 ends and File 4 begins during above track

File 4 ends and File 6 continues until near the end of the programme, before it jumps back to the end of the REM track and runs to St Etienne. Also, File d ends and c recommences during the above track and run to the end.

File 6 ends


  • (1) Peel's last lunchtime INTRO (from torrent) 1993-04-09.mp3
  • (2) Peel at lunchtime #4, 1993-04-09a, 1.01-1.48pm.mp3
  • (3) Peel's last lunchtime #5, 1993-04-09b 1.48-2.35pm.mp3
  • (4) Peel's last lunchtime #5, 1993-04-09c, 2.35-3.22pm.mp3
  • (5) Peel's last lunchtime #5, from TORRENT 1993-04-09d 3.21-3.30pm.mp3
  • (6) 1 23 06 93 JOHN PEEL.MP3
  • (b) 1993-04-09 Peel Is Brambles L424
  • (c) Peel 1993-04-09 (incomplete).mp3
  • (d) 1993-04-09 Peel Is Brambles L424
  • (1) 3.16
  • (2) 47.09
  • (3) 46.56
  • (4) 47.05
  • (5) 9.39
  • (6) 46:52
  • (b) 44:53
  • (c) 45.55
  • (d) 42:34
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