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  • 1979-08-09
  • First, highly enthusiastic, play of long-term Peel favourite 'There Must Be Thousands' by The Quads. Described as "the best record of the year." Would later feature in John Peel's Record Box.
  • NME writer Paul Morley is present in the studio, a fact commented on several times by Peel. Morley's highly respectful interview/article on the day, including this show, is available at the files section of the Peel Mailing List.
  • Three tracks from Swell Maps album.
  • Other notable plays include the Lori & The Chameleons single on Zoo. The Chameleons were actually former ex-Big In Japan members Bill Drummond (later KLF, etc) and Dave Balfe (later Teardrop Explodes, etc). Read the Julian Cope review at Head Heritage. A Big In Japan track, Match Of The Day, is played at the end of the show, ahead of the Charity Shield two days later (Liverpool would beat Arsenal 3-1).


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  • File 3 begins at start of show
  • XTC: Limelight (LP- Drums And Wires) Virgin
  • Cravats: Welcome (Peel session)
  • Clive Pig & The Hopeful Chinamen: Happy Birthday Sweet 16 (single) Waldo’s (listen at YouTube)
  • Penetration: Come Into The Open (single) Virgin
  • The Freeze: Paranoia (single) A1
  • Rudi: Ripped In Two (EP – I Spy) Good Vibrations
  • She Cracked: Warren Row (LP – Identity Parade) TJM
  • Cravats: Who’s In Here With Me (Peel session)
  • Sam Bramwell: It A Go Dread Ina Babylon (single) Germain
  • Stranglers: Duchess (single) United Artists
  • Helsinki 5 Below: Women In Love (single) Future Earth
  • 45s: Couldn’t Believe A Word (single) Chopper
  • Prince Pampado: What A Hell When The Rice Can’t Swell (single) Libra
  • Secret Affair: Time For Action (single) Arista
  • Cravats: Live For Now (Peel session)
  • Quads: There Must Be Thousands (single) Big Bear
  • Quads: You’ve Got To Jive (b/w 7" There Must Be Thousands) Big Bear
  • Phillip Goodhand-Tait & The Stormsville Shakers: No Problem (single, 1966) Parlophone
  • Swell Maps: Don’t Throw Ashtrays At Me/ Midget Submarines / Bridgehead (LP – A Trip To Marineville) Rough Trade
  • Jam: When You’re Young (single) Polydor
  • File 3 cuts out
  • Tearjerkers: Love Affair (single) Good Vibrations
  • Silent Noise: Heart To Heart (single) Easy
  • Lori & The Chameleons: Touch (single) Zoo (“let’s go disco”)
  • Cravats: Pressure Sellers (Peel session)
  • XTC: Chain Of Command
  • File 1 ends near start of above track
  • File 2 begins during next track so a few minutes of the show are missing
  • Ringo: Frankenstein () Greedy Poppy
  • Adam And The Ants: Zerox (7") Do It DUN 8
  • Gerry And The Holograms: Increased Resistance (Meet The Dissidents) Absurd ABSURD 4
  • Madness: The Prince (7") 2 Tone CHS TT 3
  • Peter Hammill: The Old School Tie (7" with alter-ego Rikki Nadir - The Polaroid / The Old School Tie) Charisma CB 339
  • Cravats: Precinct (session)
  • Silicon Teens: Memphis Tennessee (7") Mute MUTE 003
  • Victor Allen: Tomorrow Is Destiny Albion
  • Big In Japan: Match Of The Day (Street To Street - A Liverpool Album) Open Eye OE LP 501
  • JP admits to enjoying the show very much and decides to play another snippet of the Quads instead of the sig tune
  • Quads: You’ve Got To Jive (b/w 7" There Must Be Thousands) Big Bear
  • end of show


  • 1) 1979-8-9 John Peel Radio 1 (Incomplete.mp3
  • 2) 1979-08-09 Tape 024
  • 3) 1979-08-09 John Peel Radio 1 (incomplete) DB097.mp3
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  • 2) 29:46
  • 3) 1:10:06
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