• 1987-12-09


  • Peel mentions that a Japanese friend gave him a record from Japan from an artist called Phew, who he thinks is not a great name.
  • Peel is given records issued by the BBC, including an opera LP and a silly songs compilation, which he plays a track from called 'I Do Not Choose to Run' by the Six Jumping Jacks, one of the many 1920s bands led by banjoist Harry Reser. The opera album may well have been Opera 1904-1935, one of the "electronically recreated digital stereo" LPs of vintage material issued by the BBC around this time. Both compilations were engineered by Robert Parker, who had also compiled the BBC Records Jazz Classics in Digital Stereo series, and had presented tracks from his collection on a Radio 2 series.
  • Peel wishes that some record company could put out an LP of the works of Olly Oakley a banjo player, who did 'D'ye Ken John Peel', which Peel thinks is a great cover. At this moment there has been no LP covering the works of Olly Oakley.
  • Peel is looking forward to the new LP from the Sugarcubes next year.
  • Peel mentions that his daughter Alexandra is celebrating her 10th birthday today and will spend it roller skating with friends in Bury St Edmunds.
  • Peel's friend from Hamburg gives him an LP from the Soviet Union, which he plays a track from called 'In Our Polessye'. Peel tells listeners that he doesn't know what 'Polessye' means. Polessye turns out to be an historical region covering southern Belarus and northern Ukraine. 



(JP: 'That comes from my favourite Christmas LP's, Yard Style Christmas, got a great sleeve as I told you year after year for the last four or five years and that was of course Silent Night')
(JP: 'It did vaguely remind me of the Sugarcubes, only very vaguely I must confess')
(JP: 'From Dinosaur Jr., very much flavour of the week')
(JP: 'You won't be too surprised probably to learn that I don't get very many of the records that are issued by the BBC, but I have been sent a couple, one of them is an opera LP actually, which I'm quite looking forward to hearing, but I mean classic opera thing from early in the century, why they sent me that, I simply don't know'.)
(JP: 'Will it be in the Festive Fifty? We'll find out together over the Christmas and New Year period of course and I wouldn't ought to be surprise if it is') 

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