• 1990-12-09
  • Peel mentions that he won't be compiling the Festive Fifty, instead a girl school from the Home Counties would be doing it.
  • Peel says he bought Ivor Cutler's Ludo record in 1967 from Woolworth second hand.
  • Peel mentions the Moonflowers' 'Get Higher' record on the run out groove is so shocking he can't repeat it. He goes on to say that it went down particular well at a gig he did at Leicester Polytechnic on Friday night, but also mentions that the Quazar track he played cleared the floor.
  • Peel plays both sides of The Fall's single where he plays the wrong speed of the Xmas With Simon track, before correcting it.



(JP: 'Watch out there are Butthole Surfers about and that was played at the right speed too, despite evidence of your ears')
(JP: 'In case you're wondering what's happened to Babes In Toyland, I'm going to broadcast their session all of a block. It will come up at a guess about half past twelve, but maybe before that or maybe even a little bit later, how excited these programmes can be, hey')
(Peel's children: 'Play us a noisy record daddy')
(JP: 'This next is a most curious thing, and when I first got it, I put it on, listened to about a minute, and I thought, this really sounds a bit unbalanced, actually. But I kept coming back to it, and I thought I'd play it to you. See what you make of it.') £
(long anecdote about an amusing abusive letter from the Californian record company that released the track below) £
(JP: 'That would make a pretty dandy signature tune for a radio programme I think')

Tracks marked # are available on File 1.

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Tracks marked $ are available on File 5

Tracks marked £ are available on File 6.

Tracks marked % are available on File 7.


  • 1) john-peel-28a-1990-91
  • 2) 1990-11-xx-12-xx Peel Show LE090
  • 3) 1990-12-xx-1991-01-xx Peel Show LE091
  • 4) 020A-B7641XXXXXXX-0100A0
  • 5) best of peel vol 17 part 2 (with introductions)
  • 6) best of peel vol 18 part 1 (with introductions)
  • 7) 1990-11-xx Peel Late November
  • 1) 46:53 (01:34 to 26:06) (to 05:06, from 10:18 unique)
  • 2) 1:36:36 (from 1:31:49)
  • 3) 1:04:04 (until 0:17:46)
  • 4) 3:01:14
  • 5) 0:47:05 (41:30-45:56)
  • 6) 00:46:24 (to 23:36) (to 11:10 and from 16:11 unique)
  • 7) 1:16:32 (50:31-1:06:55)
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