• 1999-12-09
  • Start of show features an "individual" version of 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen' by the man himself: "For Jesus Christ our Saviour was born on Christmas Day....duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh....dum something something something..."
  • A listener enquires about a Steeleye Span record (this one) played by JP during his DJ set at Glastonbury and John promises to find it and play it the following week: however, he doesn't appear to have done this.


  • None: Billy Bragg recorded live at the QEH on 1999-12-04.


(JP: 'I hope most of you got to listen to the carol concert that we did last night. It's an extraordinary thing: we came into Radio 1 today, nobody knew anything about it, just Barmy Joe from the Evening Session was the only person, and of course, it doesn't matter frankly, but he was the only person who knew anything about it, because Zoe (Ball) wasn't involved, or Pete Tong or anything, but it was a fantastic programme, and if you missed it you missed a treat.')
(JP: 'I was saying to one of my chums from Radio 4 (cos I'm very broad-minded, me, I'll associate with anybody), last night we could have actually done a festival of Nazi song: "1, 3, Horst Wessel song," and nobody would have known. But we didn't, of course.')

Peelenium 1983

  1. Fall: 'The Man Whose Head Expanded (LP-Palace Of Swords Reversed)' (Cog Sinister)
  2. Fall: 'Kicker Conspiracy (LP-Palace Of Swords Reversed)' (Cog Sinister)
  3. New Order: 'Leave Me Alone (LP-Power, Corruption & Lies)' (Factory)
  4. This Mortal Coil: 'Song To The Siren (7")' (4AD)


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