• 1969-02-09


  • Peel talks about his travels in what sounds like cold winter weather - he suffered from cold feet in Birmingham and stayed with the family of his then girlfriend Sheila Gilhooly after being "stranded in Bradford in the snow".
  • Session guests include Deep Purple. He is quite complimentary about them here, although he would later become highly critical of them ("I think Deep Purple’s music has become heavier since they first worked with us"). Their session includes a version of "Hey Joe", a song recorded by many artists Peel liked (the Leaves, the Byrds. Love, Tim Rose, Jimi Hendrix) - although nobody seems to know who wrote it[1]
  • Peel plays tracks from US import copies of new LPs by Cream and Ten Years After. Both bands were more popular in America than in the UK, so their records were released in the US first. The TYA LP is so warped that only one track is playable.
  • New singles include one by the non-existent band Heavy Jelly - see the Skip Bifferty page for the full story.
  • Says he hopes his listeners watch The Magic Roundabout - a children's TV programme with a cult following among grown-ups[2]



  • File cuts in
  • Dr. John: Barefoot Lady (apparently issued as a single from the LP Babylon but not listed on Discogs) JP: I was listening, as we came down from Birmingham…
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  • Misunderstood: Children Of The Sun (7") Fontana TF 777 (JP: It really is ridiculously good, isn’t it?)
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  • Fairport Convention: Tale In Hard Time (album - What We Did On Our Holidays) Island ILPS 9092
  • JP: “Sandy Denny is knitting me some miniature pyjamas to put in my mouse...”
  • Van Der Graaf Generator: People You Were Going To (session) John had a habit of announcing session tracks with such as "This is their current single". In fact, this song was released on a single in January 1969 and subsequently withdrawn[3]
  • Jon Curle popped into the studio and said how much he liked the Fairport Convention track
  • John was “stranded in Bradford in the snow recently” and stayed for a couple of days with "some people in Shipley called Gilhooly" who he says were the happiest and amongst the nicest people he had met in his life. Perhaps his first meeting with Sheila’s family
  • Cream: Sitting On Top Of The World (album: Goodbye ATCO SD 7001 (US release) (“I don’t know when it’s going to be released over here”)
  • Dillard & Clark: Don't Come Rollin' (album - The Fantastic Expedition Of Dillard & Clark) A&M AMLS 939
  • Iron Butterfly: Real Fright (album - Ball) ATCO 228 011
  • JP:"The motorway was in particularly fine voice this morning"
  • Deep Purple: Emmaretta (session)
  • Climax Chicago Blues Band: Looking For My Baby (Album - The Climax Chicago Blues Band) Parlophone PMC 7069
  • Points out title of next track is “Seatrain” backwards – name of band formed by former members of the Blues Project (“one of the most underrated American bands”, he thinks) after it split up
  • Blues Project: Niartaes Hornpipe (album - Planned Obsolescence) Verve Forecast FTS-3046
  • Van Der Graaf Generator: Octopus (session)
  • "If you listened to Pete Drummond’s show yesterday evening….I didn’t, I was in a cinema in Birmingham trying to get my feet warm
  • Ten Years After: Speed Kills (album - Stonedhenge) Deram DES 18021
  • Black Cat Bones: Train Blues (session); seems to have been edited out
  • Kak: Electric Sailor (album - Kak) Epic BN 26429
  • Deep Purple: Wring That Neck (session) (JP: “spelt with an unmarried “k")
  • Lesley Duncan: Love Song (7" - A Road To Nowhere) RCA Victor RCA 1783
  • Heavy Jelly: I Keep Singing That Same Old Song (7") Island WIP 6049
  • 4:30pm news, edited out. At 1 hour into the tape.
  • Linn County: Think part
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  • Van Der Graaf Generator: Afterwards (session)
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  • Gene Vincent: Race With The Devil (“incredible guitar sound they got…really nice”)
  • Black Cat Bones: I Just Don't Know Which Way To Go (session) (“a Buddy Guy number”)
  • Bert Jansch: Come Sing Me A Happy Song To Prove We Can All Get Along The Lumpy, Bumpy, Long And Dusty Road (album - Birthday Blues) Transatlantic TRA 179 (“unless of course we’re poor, students, musicians or immigrants…”)
  • Deep Purple: Hey Joe (session)
  • John starts to chat but then shuts up abruptly as he realises, or is told, he is running out of time.
  • Touch: Miss Teach (7") Deram DM 243
  • End of show


  • J P Top Gear 09 Feb 1969.mp3
  • 1:23:51
  • Many thanks to Tim for acquisition and digitisation
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