• 1979-01-09
  • Peel starts the show with the comment, 'We’ve got what could well be a blinder of a program tonight'.
  • Quote: 'Captain Beefheart and Kenny Dalglish are two of the very very few truly remarkable people on Earth.' Later on in the program he states, 'Actually, you can put Lee Perry right up there with Captain Beefheart and Kenny Dalglish among that select group of truly wonderful people on the planet.'
  • A listener has written in asking if it was indeed Peel that he saw recently in a queue for the film Superman outside the ABC cinema in Fulham Road. The answer is yes - the film is discussed on the previous night's show.
  • Peel mentions that his brother Alan Ravenscroft is in the studio with him.
  • John expresses his keenness to see the Piranhas play live at the soonest opportunity. He discovers that they have gigs in Southampton on the coming Friday night and Brighton on the Sunday. He hopes to make it to at least one of these.
  • John makes an aside concerning losing the Friday slot to the Friday Rock Show: 'Don't forget, Friday night's programme has been given over to Terry Vance.'
  • Show also documented at Tishbriz's John Peel Book at Flickr. Many thanks to Tishbriz for sharing the information. [1]


  • Subway Sect #2, recorded 1978-11-29 (repeat). All tracks appear on the remastered CD reissue of What's The Matter Boy? (Universal).



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