• 1993-07-09
  • File 1: the first 45 minutes of the show.



Files 1 and a begin here

(JP: ‘Which brings us rather neatly to a reminder that tomorrow evening on Channel 4 at 8:30 you can watch ‘Hang The DJ’. If it’s the one I think it is, I make a brief appearance in it when I say something like “You’re taking the piss” but it may not be that one.)
(JP: ‘Here’s a nice letter from of Russ Reid who writes from Wallasy to say. “I don’t know if you’ve seen this little article from the Liverpool Echo about you. I hope you’ll find it interesting but I don’t know how you’ll react to being described as ageing”. Well Russ, find me somebody who isn’t ageing and I’d be really interested in them, I think. Russ continues “Still it’s better than being called Simon Bates”. There is that. Then he goes on to say "If you were to play Hair Pie by Captain Beefheart for me, especially on Friday, quite early, I would die happy”. Well I hope you won’t die Ross but I shall certainly play it to you, because it’s one of the records which never fails to make me clap my chubby little hands together with glee.’)

File 1 ends and file a jumps to later in the show
File b begins

File b ends
Edit in file a

File a ends and file c begins


  • 1) Peel Show 1993-07-09 (incomplete)
  • a) 1993-07-09 John Peel BBC Radio 1 (incomplete) L311
  • b) L310-a
  • c) L310-b
  • 1) 00:46:46
  • a) 01:28:16
  • b) 00:45:08
  • c) 00:42:11
  • 1) Many thanks to the taper.
  • a) File created from L311 of the SL Tapes, digitised by RF.
  • b) & c) Files created from L310 of the SL Tapes, digitised by Bill.