• 1980-06-09
  • Repeat of first sessions from five 2-Tone related artists.
  • Full show now available.
  • Peel says that at the end of the previous week he had a great night seeing The Toy Dolls at The Bell in Horden, near Sunderland.[1]
  • John has spent a certain amount of the weekend catching up on Fanzines: Sometimes It's Worth Living from Bristol, Feast In The Garden from Humberside, NMX from Sheffield #17, Sanity Is Boring from Ayr, Wool City Rocker from Bradford, Vox from Dublin, The Face, issue 2, Ten Commandments from Glasgow. Though some of these claim not to be fanzines.


No known commercial release.
Released on (12" The Peel Sessions) Strange Fruit
Released on (CD BBC Sessions/Live At The Paris Theatre '79. EMI/BBC
Released on (12" The Peel Sessions) Strange Fruit
No known commercial release.


JP: "Good evening to you, rampsmen[2] and blowers[3] . You'll have to look that up, that's for sure. On tonight's program, if you care for the 2 Tone bands, well past and present that is, you're in for a bit of a treat..."
JP: "I was driving in this evening listening to a Scientific programme on Radio 4 ... and they were trailing a programme later in the week where they were saying that Scientists have discovered that certain individuals can function without brains and you can get living proof of this tomorrow morning between 7 and 9. Just kidding Dave of course."
JP: "That was The Specials 'Gangsters'. The record of it - one of those records that really changes your life, I mean it actually does, rather like I suppose The Damned's first single, where you wake up the next day and nothing's ever really quite the same again. It that too much to say that? I actually believe that, and when I've stopped feeling like that about records, I suppose it's time to stop doing these programmes - cries of 'YES' from all over the country!"
John reads last verse of John Peel by 'John' Woodcock Graves a listener has sent in. JP: "I'm not entirely certain this is suitable for a family audience, I'll read it to you - Then here's to John Peel, With my heart and soul. Come fill, fill to him, A brimming bowl. For we'll follow John Peel, Thro fair or thro foul. While we're waked by his horn, In the morning."[4]
  • Madness: Land Of Hope And Glory (Session)
JP: "And this next is frankly a record I don't know how you can get hold of."
JP: "I should warn you correspondents, that people who address me as 'Supermousse' find that their letters go straight in the shredder."[5]
JP: "This is Frank Zappa, and it's a long time since we played anything by him."
JP: "... I spent a lot of time over the weekend listening to new records, great wealth of new LPs, most of them quite frightful... so much so that I put this on to clear my head. These are The Fall, live, Fiery Jack."
JP: "Young Marble Giants from cuddly old Cardiff, or somewhere like that and that's... don't write to me and say 'there is nowhere like Cardiff', I don't care."
  • Beat: Mirror In The Bathroom (Session)
  • [closing music] Grinderswitch:Pickin' the Blues (Macon Tracks) Capricorn Records
JP: "On tomorrow nights show Wah Heat and The Passions. Tonight you heard, well you know what you heard, you don't really need to be told do you? Don't forget I shall be playing the new single from The Slits and both sides of the forthcoming single from Joy Division too. Goodnight. I said goodnight! Don't hang about."
  • BBC Radio News: Headlines read by Patrick Lunt;
PL: "Denis Healey has said Roy Jenkins' plans for a new centre party are absolute bunk."
"The Defence Secretary[6] has said there is no danger of a Nuclear War being started by computer error."
"A yachtsman in the Observer Trans-Atlantic race has had to be rescued by helicopter."
News continues...


  • 1) 1980-06-09 John Peel Radio 1 (Incomplete).mp3
  • 2) John Peel Show (1980_06_09) 2 Tone sessions.mp3
  • 1) 1:12:32
  • 2) 2hr + news
  • 1) File created from T257 of 400 Box. From 'Tears Of A Clown' to 'Carry Go Bring Come'
  • 2) Full show compiled for my tape and the tape above. Hangthedj 15:20, February 15, 2011 (UTC)


  1. The Toy Dolls website suggests this was probably on 05 June 1980, a Thursday, suggesting that night's programme was pre-recorded.
  2. A tearaway or hoodlum. Victorian slang
  3. Informer. Also a disrespectful term for a girl. Victorian slang
  4. l9th century English hunting song 'John Peel' by William Woodcock Graves
  5. Peel could currently be heard on TV as the voiceover artist advertising this Birds Eye product. YouTube link
  6. Defence Secretary Francis Pym in office 4 May 1979 – 5 January 1981
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