• 1981-03-09

File a

  • From one of a small but select series of Peel compilations from Mark - John Peel - Fire Engines. Tracks marked §.
  • Mark: "Lenny Henry in his Tiswas phase opens the show with a bizarre offering. Was this the start of a period when Peel asked a series of bands to record the Heaven 17 anti-fascist anthem … or is that an urban myth?"

File b

  • Pause button edit of the show from BH007 of the Hinton Box. This has a few tracks in common with Mark's compilation (in similar quality). Tracks marked ¶.

File c

  • First 95 minutes of show

File d edited tracks from a file previously thought to belong to an earlier show. Tracks marked @.



(JP: 'A thing of rare beauty … someone told me it was the Beat providing the backing music.') §
(JP: 'I had to leave home earlier this evening drive away from the mountain fastness of Peel Acres with the flood waters lapping at the door but this is the price you have to pay if you are in show business… so this is for the pig who is stuck there probably by now the flood waters are up to the second storey.') §
(JP: 'The new single from the Cure has a title, though, and according to our Brian it's Privacy, but according to the label it's Primary, so let's settle for Primary.')
(JP: 'Number one in our hearts. That's the Fire Engines, the last from them.')


  • a) John Peel - Fire Engines
  • b) BH007 JP 1981-03-09 Side A
  • c) 1981-03-09 Peel Show DB229.mp3
  • d) 1. John Peel Show 18-02-81 .mp3 (misdated)
  • e) KevH Tape 6.mp3
  • a) 01:31:15 (to 00:20:38)
  • b) 00:46:01 (from 35:23 unique)
  • c) 1:34:41
  • d) 24.04
  • e) 01:31:07 (45:45-1:04:10) (1:00:25-1:04:10 unique)
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