• 1988-03-09
  • Peel plays several tracks from Morrissey's latest LP and thought this album was better than the last Smiths' LP. He also predicts that the track Late Night, Maudlin Street would be in this year's Festive Fifty, which he turns out correct, as it actually entered at number 22 in that chart at the end of the year. 
  • Peel plays a couple of tracks from Stump's latest LP. 
  • Peel encourages his listeners to hear the John Peel In Russia documentary on Radio One this Saturday and also says that when he was in Russia, he heard The Pocket Womad compilation album featuring musicians around the world. 


  • Heresy #2. Recorded: 1988-03-01.


(JP: 'And here's a record which could easily go in the charts. It's bit embarrassing playing new records on these programmes, because so many go in the charts these days. Two this year alone, this could be the next, S-Express')[1]
(JP: 'Now after Shame On You, the Shamen or Sham-en, as they rather be. There is an extra-terrestrial intelligence at work at putting these programmes together, this is called Knature Of A Girl')
(JP: 'I'd quite like to jack, but if I would do it here in the studio, I suspect I will find myself in the industrial injuries compensation board, if such an organisation still exists, within seconds')
(JP: 'Oh yes, here's a curious thing, somebody sent me records from Brazil, including an LP, their third I think, by a band Fellini, you may recall if you're a regular listener to the programme, when their first LP came out, must be four or five years ago now, I played a track or two from it, so I put it on, listened to side 1, it's alright, turned over to side 2, and heard this')
(Stereo Sequence trailer by Johnnie Walker)


  • 1) 020A-B9647XXXXXXX-0100A0.mp3
  • 2) 1988-02-xx-03-xx Peel Show LE004
  • 1) 1:57:41
  • 2) 01:20:41 (1:14:17-1:24:11)
  1. Peel indeed was right, S-Express' track did go in the charts, right to the top at number 1 in the UK singles chart
  2. The track has Peel's voice from his show introducing the band.