• 1970-05-09
  • Tracklisting below is from Volume 1 of the Decktician Logs. Many thanks to Decktician, Ken Garner for copying and additional information, and Rocker for acting as central HQ.
  • Peel sounds happy and is in a jocular mood, making a number of witty comments - although occasionally the humour sounds a bit forced, as if he's trying to compete with producer John Walters.
  • No room for guest poets on Top Gear, but Peel plays a track from an album of Brian Patten reading from his work, "accompanied by someoe called Graham Laydon on guitar".
  • After reading that Top Gear was "a programme which set trends" JP decides to start a new one, by being the first to play a Christmas record this year - a blues from a reissue album on the Sussex-based Flyright label, founded by a group of blues enthusiasts associated with the magazine Blues Unlimited.
  • Tracks from new but subsequently famous albums by the Rolling Stones, the Who and Van Morrison.
  • Peel mentions that a highlight of the Pop Proms was a performance by "a group called Curved Air" in his intro to their first session track.
  • A rare appearance in a Peel playlist for Tom Paxton, one of Elektra Records' most popular artists in the UK but not a special favourite of the DJ. Nevertheless he praises the single "Forest Lawn" and the LP Tom Paxton 6
  • JP strongly recommends the Last Poets album, but says the track he includes is the only one he can play, because the other tracks contain “certain words” and he can’t even say most of the track titles on the air.
  • No mention of Liverpool FC this week, but Peel observes that a football record is near or at the top of the singles charts. but doesn't say who it was by ("Back Home" by the England World Cup Squad). He also says he read a Zigzag article on Ian Matthews and finds it hard to believe that the singer used to play for Bradford City


  • Curved Air #1 First broadcast. Recorded 1970-04-28.
    • No commercial release
    • A session with a different tracklist was released on "On Air" (Strange Fruit SFRSCD022, 1995) / "Live At The BBC" (Band Of Joy BOJCD 014, 1997) / "Air Waves" (Purple Pyramid CLP 9581, 2012) listed with this date but it was actually a later one recorded on 10 November 1970 and broadcast on Mike Harding's "Sounds of the Seventies" seven days later.
  • Roy Harper #4 Repeat. First broadcast 03 January 1970. Recorded 1969-12-15.
  • Medicine Head #1 Repeat. First broadcast 10 January 1970. Recorded 1969-12-15.
    • Ooee Baby not played.
    • No known commercial release.


  • File 3 begins
  • start of show and intro #
  • Southwind: Boogie Woogie Country Girl (single) Harvest HAR 5019 @2 (few seconds on #1)
  • Curved Air: Screw (session)
  • JP enjoyed last night’s gig at Wollaston, Northants – dedicates next record to Big Bob and everyone who was there
  • Rolling Stones: Stray Cat Blues (LP – Get Yer Ya-Yahs Out) Decca SKL 5065 (JP: "release date is quite uncertain on that")
  • John B Sebastian: How Have You Been? (LP – John B Sebastian) Reprise RSLP 6379 (Peel recalls spending an evening with Sebastian and the other members of the Lovin’ Spoonful at a cinema in Oklahoma City, watching The Greatest Story Ever Told)

  • Medicine Head: Walkin’ Blues (session) #2
  • Roy Harper: Don’t You Grieve (session) ) ("written by the legendary H., could it be Henry, Ash"  - an alias used by Roy Harper for some of his compositions)
  • Who: Substitute (LP – Live At Leeds) Track 2406 001 @3
  • John reminds us that Pete Townshend called him an incorrigible bore in Radio Times (he mentioned this in 28 March 1970) ) but despite this he still plays Who records @3
  • Van Morrison: Into The Mystic (LP – Moondance) Warner Bros.WS 1835 ("for my brother Alan... Simon Stable walks around with copies of this LP grafted to his head")


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