• 1978-10-09
  • Message from Bill to Peel Mailing List, 2011-04-06: "I found 50 minutes of the Peel Show from 9th October 1978 on my cassettes. It was one of those shows where BBC hijacked the FM for and Old Grey Whistle Test concert Simulcast. This edition was for Jethro Tull live from Madison Square New York. The closing track from John Doonan is one of my favorite unknown tunes, and has been so these last 33 years. I always felt it was Peel's way of saying to Ian Anderson, 'This is how you play the flute.' (Well, it might have been a piccolo.)"
  • This was apparently the first ever Transatlantic simultaneous TV broadcast. Tracklisting for first half of programme unknown.
  • File b) starts slightly before the concert and includes both the first play of the new Public Image single and Peel's somewhat sardonic introduction.


  • None


File a starts

(JP: 'The début single from the band on Virgin Records, and I shall play you that again tomorrow night along with a disco 12 inch by Jah Wobble too. So, from the sound of 1978, it's time for you to join some 400,000,000 other listeners (that's an estimated figure, anyway) in 28 countries (that'll make you feel fairly insignificant), 'cos it's time to go over live by satellite to Madison Square Gardens in tandem with BBC2 television in celebration of Columbus Day to join Jethro Tull.')

File b starts

  1. Thick As A Brick
  2. No Lullaby
  3. Flute Solo
  4. Pibroch (instrumental)
  5. Songs From The Wood
  6. Quatrain / Aqualung
  7. Locomotive Breath / Dambusters March
  8. Conundrum (faded out during this - listed drum solo not played)

Files a and b end


  • a) 1978-10-09 John Peel BBC Radio 1 (Jethro Tull)
  • b) John Peel 1978.10.09 Jethro Tull
  • a) 00:49:09
  • b) 00:47:02
  • a) Many thanks to Bill.
  • b) Many thanks to Jim.
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