• 1979-10-09
  • Start of show: “Saturday night, I took curry in a place in Birmingham where the Au Pairs often break bread; tonight they are on the programme. There’s really no connection between the two events, but just thought I’d mention them. We’ve also got three more tracks from the Avon Calling LP, three more from the Skids, the other side of the Specials single – the better side in my estimation – plus Dennis Brown, IQ Zero, Mickey Dread, the Out, Fakes, Joy Division, Undertones of course, Johnny Guitar Watson, the Spitfire Boys, Spizzenergi’s there. And we start the programme, as we often do, with Stiff Little Fingers.”
  • Vice Versa, from Sheffield, were the precursors of latter-day pop stars ABC, before the arrival of Martin Fry.
  • Series of songs with a girl/woman theme, ended by ‘Where’s The Boy For Me’ by the Rezillos.
  • Peel not happy with Liverpool's 1-1 away draw with Bolton.



(JP: “It’s suppression of the ego night on tonight’s programme. That’s why I’ve started by segueing two records and not speaking.”)
(JP: “And in I suppose some 12 minutes’ time, literally millions of you, at those who read the Observer or the Radio Times, will be turning onto BBC-1 television to see me on ‘Main Stream,’ ‘the new weekly magazine reporting from around the country,’ it says in the Radio Times, ‘on what’s new, stimulating and controversial in the world of music, entertainments and the arts.’ And ‘new, stimulating and controversial’ allegedly describes the Royal Shakespeare Company, Rex Harrison, Elkie Brooks, Ravi Shankar and myself. Well, I’m not on it.”)
(JP: “A one-all draw at Bolton is not a good result, is it?")
End of show, start of news


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