• John Peel Show
  • BBC Radio One
  • 2001-04-10
  • ”Hello, and welcome to Peel Acres.”
  • Says the show is from home as “the result of certain local football action, and in the long tradition of this programme, we’re not going to be talking about that at all.” In fact, as Peel reveals the following evening, this show had been prerecorded because he had been to see Ipswich play Liverpool as a guest of the Ipswich chairman. (Happily for family harmony, the score was 1-1.)
  • To follow “Crying Boy” by Astrid, plays Crying by Roy Orbison, “the original and greatest crying boy of them all.” Peel says he’ll probably die trying to hit the high notes on the song – “something will pop in my head and I’ll be gone, but I shall die a happy man anyway.” Explains that the track may be a little muffled as he plays it from the original LP he bought in Dallas, Texas, in the early 1960s. Apparently, this subsequently had the corner chewed off it by his dog Mile.
  • After the Pig’s Big 78 by Earl Bostic, Peel recalls not being able to hear the artist at the time but reading about him in jazz magazines bought in Hamilton Square station in Birkenhead. Says there was a lot of negative comment about the “coarseness of tone in the wide vibrato,” but he always liked the sound of this. Eventually, when JP eventually got to hear Bostic, “of course I realized I was absolutely right.”
  • Long Division by session artists Aislers Set is followed by Joy Division's Walked in Line – “What a link!” Later admits that a cover of the Joy Division track will be the next one from Aislers Set (“forward planning”).
  • Fails at first attempt to play Gag track.
  • Notes that the Cinerama track was recorded “in this very room.”
  • Finds himself with extra time and plays the Bobby Lee Trammell single later discovered in John Peel's Record Box. Says here that it’s one of the records he wants buried with him.


  • Aislers Set #1 First broadcast of only session. Recorded 2001-04-01. Two tracks from the session available as free mp3 downloads from the band's homepage.



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