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  • 1967-08-10
  • In the final week of Radio London, Peel and some of his colleagues were working double shifts, as most of the DJs had left the station. Therefore, on this day Peel did both the 18.00-21.00 show (with a break at 19.00 for the sponsored religious half-hour, US evangelist Garner Ted Armstrong's The World Tomorrow, which was pre-recorded) and a three-hour Perfumed Garden.
  • File 1 contains the signing off sequence of the Perfumed Garden show broadcast at 0000-0300 on this date. A full 185 minute reel to reel recording of the show was made by Monni Aldous and converted to cassette, but is not available online.
  • File 2 consists of, at the beginning, 34 minutes of Peel, broadcast on 10th August 1967 between 6 and 7 p.m., and then DJ's Mark Roman, Pete Drummond and Ed Stewart from shows broadcast on the 11th, 12th and 13th August 1967. The three final extracts seem to come from a sequence of shows on the 13th, with the DJs emphasising that Radio London is about to close down. It has good sound quality for an off-air recording but on the Peel section the tape seems to be running a little slow.
  • Many of the tracks on the extract are by artists who Peel liked at that time. There are two versions of the song "Don't Go Out Into The Rain (You're Gonna Melt, Sugar)", both by Liverpudlian artists - the "Swinging Blue Jeans of Liverpool" as Peel calls them, and David Garrick, who trained in opera before becoming a pop singer. Both records were Radio London climbers that week but never made the pop charts.
  • Lonnie Donegan, hero of Peel's youth but out of fashion in 1967, sings on a commercial for potato crisps.
  • Pete Drummond plays what he calls "A Big L Exclusive" - the Rolling Stones' "We Love You", not released until 18 August but given to the station on the 5th. He also plays a few records Peel liked, including tracks by the Byrds and Moby Grape, but hasn't yet adopted the Peel-influenced presentation style he used on his Sounds Of The Seventies shows. Instead, he shows what he learned from working in US commercial radio - keeping things moving at a fast pace, switching smoothly between records, ads, jingles and announcements and sounding happier and more confident than he later did on his BBC shows.
  • Near the start of Ed Stewart's show (around 1:01 on the file), recorded on Sunday 13 August, he mentions that the ship's tender is coming out, with Peel, "old Cardboard" (Keith Skues), programme director Alan Keen and a camera crew from ITN. At around 1:31 Stewart reads a farewell poem from a listener, which mentions all the Big L DJs, including "the Perfumed Garden and the gentle loving Peel"
  • The Mark Roman "Empire" follows Ed Stewart's and is his final show on Radio London. It has no Peel mentions but includes an ad for Vitalis hair gel with the voice of Alexis Korner.
  • On the Radio London website, the Field's Fab Forty for that week has three full pages of info[1].
  • See the talk page for further information on the dating of these files.


  • File 1 (Perfumed Garden)
  • Radio London theme "Big Lil" spoken over by a benign-sounding Peel, who says " to quote Disc and Music Echo, I shall now have to creep out of the Perfumed Garden " (The phrase was used by Disc writer Bob Farmer in a piece on Pink Floyd in the 29 July 1967 issue of the paper, in which he describes the band listening to Peel's show after a gig - see Disc & Music Echo page for details). He thanks his listeners for "being in here", hopes that they enjoyed his reading from Winnie-The-Pooh (a detail which enables the recording to be dated, with help from the Radio London website), invites them to tune in again tomorrow at the same time, reminds them to be nice to small creatures and assures them that "I love you very much".
(JP: 'The Viking Saga is outside….." - presumably the tender which brought supplies to the Radio London ship')
(Radio London adverts for group talent contest at Upper Cut Club, Forest Gate, and for the Radio London Book Of Knowledge – children’s encyclopedia and “educational aid")
(Ads for Vitalis hair gel and Consulate cigarettes)
  • Swinging Blue Jeans: Don't Go Out Into The Rain (You're Gonna Melt) (7") His Master's Voice
  • 6:40pm (JP: '20 minutes before 7, which of course is the famous Radio London time')
(Newspaper ad, for new publication; “Motorcycle, incorporating Motorcycling”)
(JP: 'Here's a revived 45, actually a revived 78 of unparallelled loveliness')
(JP: 'Oh they don't make records like that anymore and I think I know why too...actually one of the all time classics, written by the beautiful Spike Milligan')
  • 6:44pm (JP: '16 minutes before 7')
(advert for the Big L film)
  • Small Faces: Itchycoo Park (7") Immediate (JP: 'Number 10 in the Fab 40....sounds like the type of phasing done by mad engineer Russ Tollerfield')
(Vitalis & Smith’s Salt And Vinegar crisps adverts - Lonnie Donegan sings on the latter)
(Peel responds to the ad by copying Donegan's Cockney accent – 'it’s yer basic Lonnie Donegan, innit…')
(Castrol XL advert)
  • David Garrick: Don't Go Out Into The Rain (You're Gonna Melt, Sugar) (7") Piccadilly
(Consulate cigarette and Vitalis adverts – Peel sends up the latter one. Voice on ad sounds like Alexis Korner)
  • Vanilla Fudge: You Keep Me Hanging' On (7") Atlantic (JP: “from the Radio London Soul Set”)
(Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys promo advert – says he’ll visit the ship on Friday. Thanks Radio London for making their record number 1 in the Big L charts- although it hadn't been released in the UK yet. Peel says he met Johnston in the Radio London office and found him a very nice person)
Short extract from "Captain Soul" by the Byrds – phased version (by Russ Tollerfield), leading up to weather forecast. Peel says he'll be back in half an hour.
(7.00 pm: He reads the weather and near the end does an impression of a posh-accented BBC announcer. Thundery showers dying out to leave a dry end to night temps falling to 14. Tomorrow a mainly dry day sunny spells, max 23. cloudy later. "The World Tomorrow" begins).


  • 1) 1967-08-10 PG 0867signoff.mp3
  • 2) Radio London 10,11 en 13 August 1967 with John Peel, Mark Roman, Pete Drummond and Ed Stewart. total time 130 min. From the Hans Hogendoorn Archive.mp3
  • 1) 0:01:50
  • 2) 2:10:04 (until 0:34:22)
  • 1) Thanks to Granger354 for the file.
  • 2) Many thanks to the Hans Hogendoorn Archive