• 1976-12-10

"It's not meant to be a history of punk, but a presentation of the music, after all the remarks about the sociology of the players. It's not like the BBC is jumping on the punk bandwagon, but just some examples of what the actual artists sound like." (As reprinted in In Session Tonight, Ken Garner, BBC Books 1993, p.102.)

  • Peel's introduction: Well, I think you’ll find this programme is in rather marked contrast to the programme that has preceded it, because tonight we are going to have a look at punk rock. Mind you, no two people seem to be able to agree exactly what punk rock is, as is evidenced by the fact that someone has been phoning us off and on during the day and trying to convince us that our guests tonight, The Damned, are not a punk rock band. And punk rock fairly clearly means something entirely different to Americans. Anyway, we’ll hear a lot of music that may be punk rock, and a lot that certainly is.



  • Damned: So Messed Up (session)
  • Seeds: Pushin' Too Hard (LP - Nuggets) Elektra
  • Iggy & The Stooges: Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell (LP - Raw Power) Embassy
  • Eddie & The Hotrods: Horseplay (Weary Of The Schmaltz) (single) Island
  • Damned: Neat Neat Neat (session)
  • Richard Hell & The Voidoids: Blank Generation (EP) Stiff
  • Television: Little Johnny Jewel Part 1 (single) Ork
  • Tuff Darts: Slash (LP - Live At CBGB’s) Atlantic
  • Pere Ubu: Final Solution (LP - Max’s Kansas City 1976) Ram Stereo
  • Damned: New Rose (session)
  • Sex Pistols: Anarchy In The UK (single) EMI
  • Fast: Boys Will Be Boys (LP - Max’s Kansas City 1976) Ram Stereo
  • New York Dolls: Personality Crisis (LP - New York Dolls) Mercury
  • Saints: (I’m) Stranded (single) Power Exchange
  • Damned: Stab Your Back (session)
  • Shadows Of Knight: 'Light Bulb Blues (7 inch)' (Dunwich)
  • Ramones: 'California Sun/I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You (7 inch-B side of I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend)' (Sire)


  • (1) John Peel - Punk Rock Special - 10th. December 1976 (Remaster)
  • (2) 1976-12-10 John Peel Radio 1.mp3
  • (3) John Peel Punk Prog 761210.mp3
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  • Show released in various formats.
  • (1) Remastered 20-mp3 version covers up presumed tape flip with full Pere Ubu track. Peel links unharmed.
  • (2) Same as above in a single file
  • (3) Complete unedited show from Peel Mailing List member Kevin
  • (1) Various torrent sites
  • (2) Mooo
  • (3) Currently unavailable
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