• 1979-12-10
  • Complete show from the 400 Box.
  • 95 minutes from the Derby Box.
  • An edited clip is also available, rebroadcast on BBC Radio 6 on 2010-12-27, as part of The Sound Of The 70s With Marc Riley. The tracks are marked § on the tracklisting below. Other 70s Peel clips played by Riley came from the programmes of 05 February 1979 and 12 June 1978.
  • Peel had been to Villa Park at the weekend (Saturday 8 December) to see Liverpool beat Aston Villa 3-1. He was involved in an incident after the game.
  • Later that day he had been to Birmingham University for a Quads gig.
  • Amusingly refers to fellow DJ Dave Lee Travis as 'Dicky Lee Torpid'.
  • Joy Division session track Sound of Music with Peel intro and comment featured on 2017 BBC Six Music programme 1970s Evolution. [1] ('Music Played' erroneously lists 24 Hours).



JP: "I think this week it's not actually fashionable to like Joy Division. I rather lose track of these things, but I think that's excellent."
JP: "When I was at the match at Aston Villa on Saturday, I came out of the ground afterwards with a couple of my mates, one of whom was ironically an Aston Villa supporter... for the first time ever since I've been going to football, which is a very long time, I was actually set upon by hooligans. Because I show an amazing turn of speed in these situations, I managed to get away with nothing more than a rather impressive kind of karate kick to my right breast. Not very severely bruised, but an inexplicable footprint on my costume. There you are. First time it's ever happened, though. What is the world coming to?"
JP: "I can't help wondering whether the bloke was a kind of disastisfied music fan, somebody who wanted me to play Rush records or something."
  • Television Personalities: Part Time Punks (EP - Where's Bill Grundy Now? 7") Kings Road §
  • Tee-Vees: War Machine (EP - Compilation 1. The Voxhall Tracks. Luton) Pink
  • Crawdaddys: Let's Make It Kids (LP - Crawdaddy Express) London / Bomp! §
  • Peel dedicates Love Will Tear us Apart to a 16 year old from Salisbury "I will say no more" who is "hopelessly in love" and listens to him under her pillow "she must be very small". I was that 16 year old and it was the start of a 20 year correspondence (well I wrote long letters and he sent me postcards).
  • Joy Division: Love Will Tear Us Apart (session) § @
JP: "Last Saturday it was mainly David Johnson who was doing all the tearing apart actually, but I'm prepared to accept that there are occasions on which it will be love."
JP: "Big favourite with bats, you know."
  • Trespass: One Of These Days (7") Trial
  • Ruefrex: One By One (7") Good Vibrations
  • Joy Division: 24 Hours (session) @
  • Peel gives details of tomorrow night's 'Personal Call', where Esther Rantzen is the guest of Simon Bates and Sue Cook.
JP: "Actually, the Pig and I met Esther Rantzen once. Very early one Monday morning when she was doing 'Start The Week'. She was breathtakingly rude to both of us. Been a favourite of ours ever since."
JP: "Those of you who've sent in your three favourite records of all time to the festive fifty will be thrilled to learn that over the weekend I spent really the best part of two entire days working until about 2 o'clock in the morning adding up all of the votes and things and checking all of the cards and going through them all and we've come up with a festive fifty. It looks actually rather healthy, I think."
  • Low Numbers: Keep In Touch (7") Warner Bros
  • Here And Now: End Of The Beginning (7") Charly
  • File 1 end of show
  • Tracks marked @ also on File 4


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  • 4) KevH Tape 1
  • 1) 02:00:43
  • 2) 00:16:48
  • 3) 01:35:18
  • 4) 01:33:19 (to 00:15:39)
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