• 1993-12-10
  • Frank Zappa had died on 4th December, and Peel presents "four tracks chosen almost at random from (his) catalogue." The taper did not record John's introduction to them (and only the ending of the last), but recalls he was quite upset.
  • John previews the upcoming Festive Fifty (25 December 1993) and ponders the logistics of getting fifty records into 210 minutes.
  • The next night's show was to have featured a new Fall session, but this was put back (for 'technical reasons') to 05 February 1994.


  • God Is My Co-Pilot, #1 (rpt). Recorded 1993-06-03. No known commercial release.
  • Cords, one and only session (rpt). Recorded 1993-06-22. No known commercial release. John seems to be under the impression that this is their second: he says, "Sounding a lot more muscular than they did on the first session they recorded for the programme."


File 1 begins during above track at 10:23pm

(JP: 'As I may have mentioned to you before, I do these programmes that are heard in Germany, and on them over the years I've enthused so much about Zimbabwe, both as a place and about Zimbabwean music as well, that at least a dozen, to my knowledge, Germans have gone there for their holidays, and they've all written to me and said, "You're absolutely right: it's a wonderful place to go and visit." And some of them have sent me some records that they've bought, and these came from a chap in Hanover, three LPs he sent me, and every one a real winner.')

File 2 cuts in during above track L510a

(JP: 'One combo which will not alas be featured in the Festive Fifty this year: no new records.')
(JP: 'If I had me own Festive Fifty, which clearly I don't, this would be in it.')

Tracks marked § are not yet available.

Tracks marked @ available on File 3

Thanks to Tim for the handwritten playlist.


  • 1) CB123 + CB124 JP 1993-12-10
  • 2) 1993-12-10 Peel Show L510 L528.mp3
  • 3) 1993-11-xx-12-xx Peel Show LE203
  • 1) 02:25:06
  • 2) 01:48:36 (00:23:19-34:47 unique)
  • 3) (to 32:29) (to 3:22 unique)
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