• 2003-12-10
  • The first two tracks suffer from acknowledged distortion in the right side of the stereo, but this problem is fixed early in the Amsterdam track.
  • Peel says that parts of Underworld's set reminded him of the Steve Miller Band, so he will play a track by the latter in the following night's show to illustrate his point.
  • The Midnight Evils are in session the following evening. During this they play a cover of "Thunderbird", popularised by ZZ Top. Peel plays the original, by the Nightcaps.



JP: "Speaking of party vibes, I wonder if there's anybody in our studio audience that's got a corkscrew? I mean for, this is, purely technical reasons. Obviously nothing to do with opening bottles of red wine. But if you have got a corkscrew, then make yourself known to a member of the staff."
JP: "This is a record which I played once about three or four months ago and apparently you the consumers very keen on it. And I listened to it a few times since then and it's now reached the point at which it makes me cry every time I hear it so I may have to segue the next couple of records."
  • Amsterdam: Does This Train Stop On Merseyside? (LP - Rhyme Pays) White Label
JP: "What a genuinely great record that is, too."
  1. Leutin
  2. 2 Months Off
  3. Jumbo
  4. Trim
  5. Moaner
  6. Nuxx/Born Slippy
JP: "Earlier on this evening when we were having a Thai meal around the corner - I won't give you the name of the restaurant 'cos I don't want you all going there, but it's where we always go when we come down to do programmes from Maida Vale, 'cos the food's fine and we really like the people that run it as well. I was talking to Karl and he said to me, "who's that Scottish bloke whose records you've been playing a bit recently who sounds as though he might have recorded for Tamla Motown or something like that?" And I said, "oh, that will be Frankie Miller". And of course, it was Frankie Miller."
JP: "He can sound a bit like Mark E Smith at times, I think - nothing wrong with that either, obviously."
JP: "To end the programme, one of my favourite records of all time with my favourite introduction to any record."
JP: "I was enjoying that so much I almost forgot about the news."


  • John_Peel_20031210.mp3
  • 2:00:30
  • Many thanks to B!
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