• 1980-01-10
  • Peel mentions that "every third Sunday" he'll be doing the afternoon request programme. January 20th is the date of the first one. He invites people to send in requests.
  • Peel returns to the subject of monkeys and typewriters that inspired the Mekons album title, previously mentioned on 27 November 1979. A listener has written in, pointing out that new research debunks the theory.


Missing from recording is 'Sodom And Gomorrah'.
  • XDreamysts #1. First broadcast of sole session, recorded 1979-12-05.
Missing from recording are 'I Don't Wanna Go' and 'Reality Blues'.

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JP: "The other morning a record company promotion person said to me, 'really like that Cabaret Voltaire track you played the other night.' Normally when that happens of course, you worry and think, what the hell are we doing wrong? But who cares! Let's play another one."
JP: "Liked particularly that line about shouting slogans we don't understand. There's a lot of that about, you know."
JP: "As the notes hinted, the song originally done by Count Five. Let me remind you yet again, that I wrote sleevenotes for the first Count Five LP, which they considered were too weird to use. But just think how you would have respected me if they had done."
JP: "This one's by David Bowie, I'll give you a bit of a hint. See if you can spot what it is. It's not always easy, I must say."


  • 1) John Peel 1980-01-10 incomplete.mp3
  • 2) 1980-01-10 John Peel Radio 1 (Incomplete) DB140.mp3
  • 3) 1980-01-10 Peel Show DB140 v2.mp3
  • 1) 01:17.33
  • 2) 00:28:02
  • 3) 00:27:34
  • 1) File created from T204 and T203 and digitised by Dr_Mango. Recording had to be speed corrected as it was noticeably running fast.
  • 2) Created from DB140 of Derby Box, digitised by RF.
  • 2) Created from DB140 of Derby Box, digitised by SB.
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