• 2001-01-10
  • A 90 minute recording of a two hour broadcast is available.
  • Sean Dickson from the High Fidelity is in the studio with a new record. 
  • The white label that follows is 2% composed by Peel.
  • Tracks not included on any available recording are marked §



(JP: 'We used to have a good anglepoise light in here. That when you hit it (I don't want to be too DLT-ish  about this) but when you hit it, it made the most satisfactory ringing noise and they've now got some kind of trendy light designed by some twat in Milan. And when you hit that it just. [John taps the light] I mean really what pleasure can you get out of that, tell me. [John hits the light again] None at all.')
(JP: 'And they [Nile] are going to be in our lovely country at the end of February and they're gonna do a set from Peel Acres. Actually I just said that to frighten Sheila'.)
(JP: 'There's been no Pig's Big 78 tonight because I forgot to record one.')
(JP: 'Although that was never anything other than an album track, I use to do this rigged chart in San Bernardino California which I used to say was the British charts. And that was in there for a very long time, although it never was a single.') 


  • 1) Peel Show 2001-01-10 (incomplete)
  • 2) 2001-01-xx Peel Show LE596
  • 3) 2001-01-xx Peel Show LE602
  • 4) 20010110 John Peel [110 mins composite] [R1]
  • 1) 01:33:34
  • 2) 01:32:20 (to 47:54) (16:43-26:57 unique)
  • 3) 01:32:11 (from 01:22:23) (to 01:28:59 unique)
  • 4) 01:49:44
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