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  • Peel mit John Peel
  • 2002-01-10
  • Unusually this show does not appear in any of the tracklistings taken from the Radio Eins website, though cross-referring with the tracks played on Radio One and some comments point to the gap on the 10th January 2002 as being the likely source.
  • Peel recalls bringing Xol Dog 400 over to England to perform to a seated audience at the Royal Festival Hall: “He was wonderful. They were baffled really, I think.” The reference is to the Meltdown event curated by Peel in 1998. Christian Müller is now back as AntiZycle: “Keep going, mate, if you’re listening!”


("Hello again, this is Peel number 199 from Radio Eins".)
  • Advent: Sketch Ups (v/a album - Annex 4) Tresor
  • Hellacopters: A Motel Is Not A Home (v/a 12" - High Energy Rock N Roll) Sweet Nothing 12SN007
  • Gaylads: Just One Kiss (7") Studio One FC 3096
  • Heads: Dissonaut (album - Under Sided) Sweet Nothing SNLP 011
  • Xuman & Daddy Bibson: Kay Jel Ma  (v/a album - Africa Raps) Trikont TRIKONT US-294-1
  • Chris C: A Drop Of The Hard Stuff (12") Pirate Wax PWX 001
  • Isan: Bear Wear (un-issued EP - Unrequited Songs)
  • Mountaineers: Slender Hat (EP - Mountaineers) Deltasonic DLTCD2
  • Boulder: The Power Of 1,000 Satanic Black Moons (v/a album - Ripping Christ) Shifty SH-03 / Outlaw Recordings OLR-005
  • Bong-Ra: Vampire Youth (12" - Darkbreaks EP) Russian Roulette Recordings RRR06
  • Alta May: We As In Us (album - We As In Us) Glased
  • Blueface: Reaction Technology (12" - Untitled) Blueface BLUEFACE 002
("There are those who will say that James Carr was the greatest soul singer of all time. They could well be right.")
(JP: "One of the few films I saw last year actually.")


  • John Peel (Nr. 199).MP3
  • 1:52:16