• 2001-07-10
  • Peel isn't certain what speed the Mush record should be played at, "but eventually I plumbed for 33 and a third" he says.
  • Peel mentions that Half Man Half Biscuit will be the subject of a "big piece" in one of the national newspapers shortly. "A band that should be given a great deal more honour than they actually are, I think. The fact that they've kept going as long as they have and just got better and better and better in my view."
  • Peel describes the recording process of the Pig's Big 78 tracks: "They're always the very last thing that I record before I leave home on a Tuesday afternoon, in a great deal of panic. The Pig understandably gets a bit cross with me for leaving it all to the last minute, but that's the kind of crazy guy I am. Just zany."
  • The Upholsterers track, featuring Jack White, was later found in John Peel's Record Box. Here, JP plays it in response to a listener request but admits he'd forgotten all about it. Also gives dates for upcoming White Stripes UK tour, including session at Maida Vale on 25 July 2001.
  • There's good news on the Ronnie Ronalde front - a listener has sent in a vinyl LP which features several tracks that aren't on the EMI collection that Peel has been working his way through.


Session included in full on The BBC Sessions (Jeepster), 2008.



  • 1) John Peel 10-07-01.mp3 / 2001-07-10 (Belle & Sebastian).mp3
  • 2) BELLE & SEBASTIAN: Bhundu Boys, Mush, Ocio, Two Gilberts, Raw B....
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