• John Peel Show
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1999-06-10
  • Two recordings of the show are available. The first starts about half an hour into the show, the second contains the complete show.
  • Full tracklisting for the programme has been compiled with help from Lorcan's Tracklistings Archive.
  • Show is from Peel Acres and JP seems to be in a good mood, relating that after a recent BBC lunch he'd remarked that no one could understand how much he enjoyed doing these prgrammes.
  • Running Cuban Boys theme through the evening with assorted members emailing Peel (“signs of boyband style conflict”), as well as plays for a remix by the band and eventually Flossie’s Alarming Clock.
  • The Jane Bond & The Undercover Men single later turned up in John Peel's Record Box.
  • An email from a listener says, “I’ve noticed a disappointing lack of loud, noisy three-second-long records that go bwwwaaa - and abruptly end. Please correct the problem.” Peels says most of these records are in the shed, but plays an old Extreme Noise Terror session track that clocks in at a lengthy 45 seconds.


  • Motor Life Co #1 Repeat of only session. First broadcast: 15 December 1998. Recorded: 1998-11-15. No known commercial release.


Peelenium 1912

  1. Jack Pleasants: I'm Twenty-One Today
  2. Mark Sheridan: Who Were You With Last Night
  3. Vesta Victoria: What Percy's Picked Up In The Park
  4. Bert Williams: My Landlady


  • a) Peel19990610 Motor Life Co 1912 a
  • b) Peel19990610 Motor Life Co 1912 b
  • c) jp100799.mp3 (Note: incorrect file name)
  • a) 01:02:05
  • b) 00:28:15
  • c) 01:49:42
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