• 2004-06-10
  • JP mentions that daughter Flossie has just received her final exam results from Liverpool University.
  • Reverse Brothers track comes from a mini CD from Greece (packaged in a tin) given to Peel ahead of a One World special on Greek electronica that will follow his show that night. [1]
  • In response to an email asking whether the BBC emergency tape had ever actually kicked in during a quiet moment, mentions that this had happened a few years earlier during an appearance by Mogwai.
  • On Nina Nastasia’s third live session from Peel Acres (the others were on 04 July 2002 and 01 May 2003), the musicians include Kaigal-ool Khovalyg and Sayan Bapa from Huun-Huur-Tu, a band from the Russian republic of Tuva on the Mongolian border, who also perform a song of throat singing at Peel’s request. JP follows this with a demonstration of his patented fox imitation.
  • Near the start of the show, Peel refers to an Independent article on Nastasia's current UK tour.
  • The Ray Charles track played as a tribute to the singer who had died earlier that day. Peel says Charles' contribution to the Blues Brothers movie is one of his favourite moments in any film that’s ever been made.
  • A short clip of this show was rebroadcast on BBC Radio 6 on 2010-12-30, as part of The Sound Of The 00s With Marc Riley. Tracks are marked π on the tracklisting below. Other 00s Peel clips played by Riley came from the programmes of 12 May 2004 and 11 December 2003.



Starts playing Les Baxter by mistake (Wrong Track Moment).


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  • (1) Many thanks to those responsible for first sharing this file
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