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  • 1994-09-10
  • Two overlapping recordings are available (a) and (b) with a newly available segment at (d), and selected tracks on File c. The tracks not included on any recording are marked §, details taken from Lorcan's tracklisting database.
  • (Alan on recording (a)) For my first rip I decided to do one of the shows in which I get a mention (as 'Fordy')! Other than that it's a fairly unremarkable show. The whole show ran from 4:30 to 7:00 pm, but this starts at 35mins in and stops at the 6:30 news, about 85 mins. This is followed on the tape by 5 mins of Johnnie Walker, so I kept it in. There's a slight crackle throughout the recording, which gets pretty bad towards the end. This may render it unlistenable to some people but, hey, it's got me on it. Apparently, the Fall track he played for me was Kicker Conspiracy.
  • Show includes a match report of Liverpool v West Ham, phoned in by Eddie Lundon from China Crisis.


  • Rugrat #1. First broadcast of only session. Recorded 1994-08-03. The session tracks 'Tammy's Dream/Under The Ladder' and 'Little Pig' are missing from the available recordings. No known commercial releases.
  • Blubber #1. First broadcast of only session. Recorded 1994-08-14. The session track 'Bleach' is missing from the available recordings. No known commercial release.


News at 5:30

  • Built To Spill: Joy Ride (single) K Records

Match report from Anfield by Eddie Lundon of China Crisis.

Recording (a) tape flip midway through the track
Recording (b) tape flip

News at 6:30 tape (a) continues with Johnny Walker show.

Tracks marked # available on File c


  • a1) 1994-09-10-a.mp3
  • a2) 1994-09-10-b.mp3
  • b) Peel Show 1994-09-10 (incomplete)
  • c) john-peel-57a-1994
  • d) John Peel 10 Sept 1994.mp3
  • (a part 1) 00:47:02
  • (a part 2) 00:43:24
  • (b) 01:32:38
  • c) (17:21 to 30:24) (from 26:55 unique)
  • d) 46:06
  • (a) Shared via Peel Mailing List. Many thanks to Alan for his first rip and shared show!
  • (b) Thanks to Lorcan and his database for helping with the updating of this track listing and to Isector for recording.
  • c) Many thanks to Happy Otter
  • d) Many thanks to Tim