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  • BBC Radio One
  • 1992-04-11
  • ‘A raging start to what I hope is going to be a most uplifting programme.’
  • John suggests he would help revive Punch if he was a millionaire.
  • The L tapes may well complete the show - they add up around 5 minutes short but that could well be due to tape flips, and the editing out of trailers and news. John's sign-off is missing though at the end.



  • Start of show on both files a and b. John mistakenly anounces Terminal Cheesecake as one of the session guests. (File b is the only file to catch this)
JP: "To start, slap those skins, mr drummer man!"
(11:30 news)
(JP: ‘Am I the only person in Europe who wouldn’t go to Euro Disney for a bet?’)
JP: "In just a moment, a tune from the Fall. Now there's a bit of a surprise!"
  • (tape flip on file a - several tracks are omitted here)
  • Fall: Birmingham School Of Business School (album - Code: Selfish) Fontana 512 162-1
  • File c ends and File d starts here
  • Jacob's Mouse: Fridge (session) (not on file a)
JP: "The new Nirvana? I think in a rather special way we're all the new Nirvana, don't you?"
(House Of Love are playing a gig in Portsmouth with "current press faves" Suede. JP: "The less said about Portsmouth at the moment, the better, I think." Liverpool had drawn 1-1 after a late equalizer against the Second Division side in the semi-final of the 1992 FA Cup on April 5, although JP's team would go though to the final following a penalty shootout when the replay on April 13 finished 0-0.)
JP: "Absolutely wizard as I'm told you youngsters say."
JP: "That's another one I came across during my search for that missing Little Richard cover."
JP: "I have an uncomfortable feeling that that was at the wrong speed, but it sounded pretty good once it got going."


  • File a: Peel Show 1992-04-11 (incomplete)
  • File b: L115b.aif.mp3
  • File c: L112a.aif.mp3
  • File d: 1992-04-11 Peel Show L090a.mp3
  • File e: L119a.aif.mp3
  • File f: 1992-04-11 Peel Show L090b.mp3
  • File g: John Peel 11 April 1992.mp3
  • File a: 01:33:14
  • File b: 40:33 (14:30 from this show)
  • File c: 38:14
  • File d: 37:27
  • File e: 41:11
  • File f: 42:14
  • File g: 1:35:06