• 2001-04-11
  • Immediate disaster at the start of the show with Peel utterly unable to get the CD player working and awkward moments as he struggles to get the CD into a different machine. Appeals for Lammo to jump in with more music or comments go unanswered. Later in the show has more equipment problems.
  • Admits that the previously night's show had been prerecorded as he was at Portman Road watching the Liverpool vs Ipswich Town match as a guest of the Ipswich chairman. The score was 1-1, ("a satisfactory result for domestic harmony"). Peel relates the tale of tripping over after the game in the car park and falling flat on his face ("not through drink, obviously"). Comes away with nothing worse than a small cut on his hand ("looks like stigmata really") although claims was blood everywhere and he is a mass of bruises.
  • Plays Robert Johnson after a touring theatre group came to the local village hall and put on a production called Crossroads Blues.
  • Lurkers punk oldie, the first ever release on Beggar's Banquet, played after Peel saw the band advertised as playing in Ipswich the previous week, although Lammo has informed him that only the bassist remains from the original lineup.
  • Recommends book Well Remembered Days by Arthur Mathews, which he says made him laugh so much he thought he was going to pass out on several occasions. "Almost dangerously funny", according to John, "there were times when the Pig was quite concerned for my welfare cos I was laughing so much I couldn't breathe." After finishing it the previous evening, he is now going to start immediately rereading it. He also has the idea that they should buy some copies out of the programme budget to offer as a prize - this indeed happens, on 20 June 2001.
  • Peel sings a snatch of 'Pedro The Fisherman' upon learning that production assistant Lynn is going on holiday to Lanzarote.
  • Says it’s been suggested that he plays the whole of the (unavailable) 1970 Captain Beefheart LP Lick My Decals Off, Baby, and thinks this might not be a idea. Makes a start with the title track.
  • In response to an email, recalls the photo session for the cover of There Is Some Fun Going Forward, the 1972 Dandelion Records sampler LP. This provokes a series of further messages and Dandelion-related requests from listeners.


  • Hefner #8 Repeat of session first broadcast 16 January 2001. Recorded 2000-11-29. No known commercial release.


JP: "I swear that at some stage in the middle of this [Lift to Experience] they refer to 'winter tampons'. Now I'm an unsophisticated country boy, but what are winter tampons?"
JP: "Dance to that, you blighters."
Starts playing the wrong Bonnie Prince Billy track by mistake (Wrong Track Moment).


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