• 1979-12-11
  • (k) Last night while looking for something else entirely I found a small box of off air tapes of Peel shows from 79-80 which an old friend gave me back in 92 ... And this was the first one out of the box:100 minutes on an Agfa C90, first 20 mins or so missing, as is very end. Quality is pretty rough, and I had to do all kinds of flipping and doubling (right channel/track-only for much of it) when ripping, and the last ten minutes seemed to disappear all together, but still, it's an atmospheric show of its time, with loads of reggae and rambling Peel links.


  • The last ten minutes or so of the above recording are from another show or shows. Peel's comment that the then current Madness single was #10 in the charts suggests this may be from late April 1980 (chart link).
  • 400 Box recording now presents an almost complete copy of the show, minus some tape flips. The recording stops during the last track in the show.
  • Peel mentions that the last time he'd seen The Beat live was in Guildford. Requests are still pending from a Birmingham University gig the previous weekend.
  • Peel is also pleased to see that the Beat are in that week's singles chart at 31 with 'Tears of a Clown' / 'Ranking Full Stop'.
  • Wirral band Attempted Moustache featured two future members of Half Man Half Biscuit.
  • Full tracklisting also available at John Peel Papers. Many thanks to the uploader to the John Peel Papers at Facebook for sharing the information.[1]



JP: "To start the programme for about the third night in a row I think, the Clash:"
JP: "This is the number 34 record in the new BBC charts."

(Ken's tape starts here, 30 mins in)

(Ken's version ends after the Vapors track and there is a subsequent noticeable dip in audio quality. Tracks below are from a later show, most likely April 1980.)


  • Peel 1979-12-11 Fun Boy Five (rpt)
  • John Peel 1979-12-11
  • 1) 1.38.38
  • 2) 1:57.31
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