• 2003-02-11
  • After the first 3 Stages Of Pain track, Peel claims he has grown half an inch in the past five years, making him 5 feet 10: "If I look after myself, I might still make six foot."
  • John and Sheila had been to Portman Road on Saturday afternoon to watch Ipswich v Sheffield United, a match described by John as "the most exciting football match I've been to in 25 years." Ipswich were 2-0 down just after the restart, had been reduced to ten men "and frankly were looking hopeless" - but the enthusiasm of the home supporters lifted the team to perform a stirring comeback that ended in a 3-2 win. (BBC match report). "The Pig was just delirious with joy all weekend, absolutely out of control."
  • The excitement of the victory was tempered somewhat over the next few days when the club revealed that they were applying for a temporary administration order while they wrestled with the financial consequences of suffering relegation from the Premier League the previous season.
  • Peel reads out an email from a listener: "Just another request you will unscrupulously agree to play at a later date, crumple and callously cast into an overflowing waste paper basket in one corner of the studio…" Peel claims he is not that sort of a person, accompanied by sounds of paper being crumpled. In fact, he reads the request again on the show two days later and keeps his promise to play it.
  • When a listener asks for recommendations of good record shops in Barcelona, Peel is able to provide the address of CD Drome. JP: "You can't do better than that, can you? Give people addresses from your own address book. Do you get that from Chris Moyles? I don't think so!"
  • In response to a request for some Happy Hardcore, Peel again mentions a record shop in Croydon that they've heard of that sells nothing but records of that genre. He says they may make a trip out there tomorrow. Presumably this is the same shop mentioned the week before, on 05 February 2003. John's comments suggest that Hermeet did not go there as planned.
  • A member of Bury St Edmunds band the Exiles emails the programme to plug his band's appearance at the forthcoming Bury Sound all-dayer at the Corn Exchange in the town on Sunday 16th February. Peel reads out the list of bands who will be appearing, commenting, "no sign of Blue Gandhi? Do they still exist? I quite like the sound of Blue Gandhi and was hoping to hear more from them but they're certainly not listed here."
  • Says that his hotel sheets are always slightly damp but he dare not complain about it.
  • Notes the name of the latest Stephen Malkmus album with approval.



JP: "I would love to see them play live. I bet they'd be great."
Starts playing the next 3 Stages Of Pain session track by mistake (Wrong Track Moment).
Chat with Mary Anne Hobbs, in which Peel discusses his damp hotel sheets.


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  1. Announced by John as 'Hull Diver", the same title recorded in Ken Garner's reference work "The Peel Session" (p.339). This is possibly the song "Hell Driver", released on the band's debut LP.