• 1969-06-11
  • Marc Bolan appears as a poet, reading from his recently published collection "The Warlock of Love", which sold well enough to make him "Britain's best-selling poet" - or so he told John Walters.
  • The music session is from the Famous Jug Band, who created some interest because they included Clive Palmer, who had been a founder member of the Incredible String Band, but left after their first album to travel to Afghanistan and India. By the time of this session Palmer had left the FJB, but his replacement was singer-guitarist Wizz Jones, a well-respected figure on the folk scene, who later did three solo sessions for Peel's shows.


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  • JP - "Jimmy Young suggested on the radio the other day that I was Tyrannosaurus Rex, and if he's listening this evening, he really is going to appreciate this next trick, because I'll be talking with two voices simultaneously, because we're going to have poetry this evening, read by Marc Bolan. What are you gonig to readto begin with, Marc"
  • MB -" I never title 'em, so it doesn't have a title".
  • JP - "untitled piece, #1"
  • Marc Bolan: A Star Of Youth
  • JP - "It's time now for the second poem by Marc. Which is going to be..."
  • JP/MB - "No Title"
  • JP - "untitled piece, #2
  • Marc Bolan: A Ship Of Rhythm
  • JP - "Thank you. These poems are all in the book, are they?"
  • MB - "Yeah"
  • JP - The Warlock Of Love"
  • MB - "Yeah"
  • JP - "That's THE WARLOCK OF LOVE" (employs bombastic voice with echo FX, much to Marc's amusement).
  • Further chat about nice words
  • MB introduces the next piece with a title
  • Marc Bolan: The Winged Man With Eyes Downcast To The Moon


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