• 1979-06-11
  • This show is a classic for "technical issues" - two tracks played at the wrong speed and one aborted completely as the vinyl is so warped! Also describes reading a listener's letter who is incensed by the fact that Peel called Rush "boring". Wayne County is mis-typed on the running order as "Wayne Country" so Peel commends him on achieving nationhood (amongst the "other changes" he is going through!).
  • Peel had spent the weekend at the 24 Hours race in Le Mans. :JP: "Another boyhood ambition fulfilled, rather later than I'd originally planned."
  • At lunchtime he had attended a media event to launch the new LP from Wings, "Back To The Egg". He didn't get to speak to Paul McCartney though.
  • After playing the Gang Of Four track, Peel speculates that it might be 'chartbound...well, one can dream'. Ironically, it sold so well that they were invited to appear on Top Of The Pops, but stormed off after being asked to sing the word 'packets' instead of 'rubbers'. This led to a BBC ban and them being eventually dropped by EMI, who concentrated their sales efforts on a new act called Duran Duran instead.
  • Before playing the Barbara Cartland track he says he and Walters thought it would do listeners good to here something sincere. For more on the album this song comes from, see here.
  • Three tracks from the debut album by The B-52's and three more from the Lurkers.
  • The 400 Box version begins from the Sinceros track and continues to the end of the list. Another (edited) version from the Hinton Box adds a few tracks missing from the recording and duplicates others, but in (slightly subfusc) stereo. These are marked with a §.
  • Complete recording available from the Derby Box. The DB086 portion has been re-ripped as it seemed to mistrack at the start of the tape on the original rip and didn't regain the clarity of BD085.




  • a) 1979-06-11 John Peel Radio 1 DB085+DB086.mp3
  • b) 1979-06-11 John Peel Radio 1 (incomplete).mp3
  • c) BH002 JP 1979-06-11 Side A
  • d) 1979-06-11 Peel Show DB086 v2.mp3
  • a) 2:00:35
  • b) 01:33:25
  • c) 00:46:59
  • d) 00:53:54
  • b) Sound quality is poor for the first 30 seconds or so and then picks up considerably. This was a hard tape to rip as it's a C120 and the spools were quite stiff. Gently squeezing the tape and performing multiple fast-forward and rewinds seemed to do the trick. The little felt pad that sits under the tape is also missing so I guess that didn't help! The first 29 minutes seem to have been taped over with the 12 June 1979 show, so I assume that portion of the show is lost forever. NB it is now complete on the Derby Box tape. I left the snippet of news on at the end after the pips for those who like that kind of thing!
  • c) Most Peel links edited out, and the last Undertones track is unceremoniously halted: the rest of the tape is silent.
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