• 2004-03-11
  • Programme comes from Peel Acres.
  • Of I Am Kloot, Peel says: "Obviously I was aware of the band's existence but hadn't really listened to them quite as carefully as I should have done until the Cranebuilders gave me a copy of their LP when we were all in Groningen together."
  • OCS is a solo project by John Dwyer of the Coachwhips. JP: "The Coachwhips, who we hope will come to this country before the year is out. We're just lining up to sleep with them, if they do come over."
  • Broken Family Band are in session on the next programme (16 March 2004). For it they have recorded a cover of the Palace Brothers "I Send My Love To You". Attempting to play the original, Peel plays the wrong track ("You Will Miss Me When I Burn") by mistake.
  • John mentions the customary listen to 'Bob Harris Country' on Radio 2 on the Thursday evening drive back to Peel Acres. He listens "in the hope that he will play a country record at some stage". Peel again expresses his annoyance that people confuse him with Bob Harris. John also notes dryly that Bob will be another person who will be in Austin, Texas next week for SXSW.
  • On 16 March 2004, Peel mentions that a listener has written in to say that the Stuffy/The Fuses track played on this show was not the one announced.
  • The Pepe Kalle track is played for a French journalist called Emmanuelle who is staying at Peel Acres that week. "One of the great records of all time" is Peel's opinion. He then blows the speakers in the studio by having it on too loud.



JP: "Well unlike Zane I'm not going to South By Southwest next week because I've got a gig in Liverpool and I want a copy of that on a 45 so I can take it with me and play it on whichever night it is."
Starts playing the Texas Radio Band track again (Wrong Track Moment)
JP: "My world lies in ashes about me. That's not actually the song the Broken Family Band do in session on Tuesday, but it is from the same LP. But that's not really close enough, is it?"
JP: "Tragically, listeners, whilst that was playing I seem to have blown the speakers here at Peel Acres. It is such a great record. I've just decided that along with Teenage Kicks, I want that one playing at my funeral as well, because I do suspect that the two played back to back could raise the dead and I'm kind of counting on that."


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