• 1979-10-11
  • Around the first 10 minutes of the show is missing, including the first Quads session track 'There Must Be Thousands'.
  • The new Specials single is played for the fourth straight night. The band's debut LP is due on Monday (15 October 1979).
  • Peel suggests he saw Jimmy Reed play in Dallas, although he later admitted in Margrave Of The Marshes (hardback, p. 152) that he never went to one of his gigs: "I may have claimed in the past that I did see him once, but if I did, I was lying."


  • 2TV: Repeat. First broadcast 05 September 1979. First recorded 1979-08-22. No known commercial release.
  • Quads: Repeat. First broadcast 10 September 1979. First recorded 1979-08-29. No known commercial release.


(tape cuts in)
(JP: “Yet another song about Kenny Dalglish, eh?”)
(JP: "I was trying to think of a reason to play a Jimmy Reed record in the course of tonight's programme. I can't really think of any sound reason why I should at all, but here's one nevertheless.")
(JP: “Jimmy Reed used to play fairly regularly in Dallas, Texas, in the days when I lived there. He was always so out of it that when you went along to see him that his wife used to sit behind him and whisper the words of all the songs to him, even the ones that were like big hits and things.”)
(tape flip)
(JP reads out his horoscope, which suggests he’ll be having a “rather colourful” Saturday night, which he is due to spend at a reunion for his (all-boys) school.)
(JP: "Why on earth did I pick that track? It's dreadful. Never mind. It's been done.")
(end of show / news / start of Brian Matthew's ‘Round Midnight’)


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