• 1979-09-11
  • Mentions that Siouxsie & The Banshees have sort of split up (or at least the rhythm section has left the band).
  • Peel had enjoyed a curry with members of the Cravats earlier in the evening. He indicates that two of them are in the studio with him at he start of the programme. JP: "The Cravats, who are to Redditch what Robert Louis Stevenson was to Blackpool."
  • The Cravats pair are hitch hiking back to Redditch, so Peel asks listeners to look out for them and give them a lift. JP - "Ah, the romance, the glamour, the glory of being in a rock and roll band... The Shend is very big and looks menacing, but he isn't."
  • Members of the group Virginia Doesn't had met Peel at Broadcasting House and asked for a record to be played for them.
  • Both sides of the new singles by the Chords and the Skids are aired.
  • Wonders aloud when Earcom 2 will be released on Fast Records..the one that went on to feature Joy Division.



JP: "Just in case you missed this evening's sports news, as far as the England squad goes it's Bob Latchford out and Terry McDermott in (laughs theatrically)."
Starts playing the Glaxo Babies single next in error (Wrong Track Moment).
JP: "Record a John Peel session and you too can hitch hike around Britain at dead of night."
  • Frank Sumatra: Telstar 176 All Out: West Indies 180 For 3 Declared (12" EP - Te Deum) Small Wonder
  • Artery: Pretends (b/w 'Mother Moon' 7") Limited Edition
JP: "That's Artery from Sheffield. Just think, if they wanted to, tomorrow they could go over and see Simon Bates doing his programme from his bed in Huddersfield. I can't get up there. It's terribly, terribly disappointing you know."
End of the programme.


  • 1979-09-11 John Peel Radio 1.flac
  • 01:55:39
  • T146, T147 and T148 of the 400 Box.
  • Complete show apart from a couple of minutes lost where tape flips happen
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