• 1996-04-12
  • Three recordings are available. The first (tape a) includes the Orbital set only. (Note that a longer version of their set, as broadcast on NRK radio, is available here.) This recording has very good sound quality.
  • The second recording (tape b) includes the full show apart from the first track.
  • The third contains edited dance and international tracks including half of the first track missing from the second recording.



(As a power cut stops the band mid song. JP: ‘Well we seem to have run into some kind of interesting crisis there. So while we get that sorted out....’)
(JP: ‘Well it seems everything has been sorted out astonishingly quickly by a team of amazingly skilled engineers back in the Metropolitan University. So I think everything’s ready for us to go back to the Wedding Present. Carry on! Carry On!')
    • ‘Click Click’(again)
    • ‘My Favourite Dress’
    • ‘Real Thing’
    • ‘It’s A Gas’
    • ‘Skin Diving’
    • ‘Sucker’
    • ‘Corduroy’
  • Sweeney: Why? (7") Rotator RRSV 105
  • Nüw Idol: 'The Link (2x12 – Protect And Unify )’ Cosmic Communication #
(John is joined by David Gedge from the Wedding Present to help select the winner of the band’s Mini competition.)
  • Vehicle Flips: ‘Impressed Beyond Belief (7 inch )’ Hemiola Records
  • DJ Teebone & DJ Stretch: Snake Style (12 inch – Collaborated Artist Vol 1 )’ Riddim Track Records #
  • ...File a cuts in at start of ...
  • Orbital Live at Leeds Metropolitan University #
    • 'Out There Somewhere' #
    • 'The Girl With The Sun In Her Head' #
    • 'Dwr Bude' #
    • 'The Box'
    • 'P E T R O L'
  • ... end of show, bit of Peel outro ... full outro on File c
  • Files a & b end
  • Tracks marked # available on File c


  • (a) 1996-04-12 Peel Show (incomplete).mp3
  • (b) Peel Show 1996-04-12
  • (c) dat_108.mp3
  • (a) 00:59:24
  • (b) 02:53:44
  • (c) 3:09:09 (00:00:11 to 01:23:05)
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