• 1981-08-12
  • (Message by Eddie to Peel Newsgroup): Here's 32 minutes of a Peel show from 12th August 1981, featuring session tracks from Girls at our Best! and Ponderosa Glee Boys. Paul Morley guests, grumbling about the way the Peel show, and music in general, is heading. From my own tape, which I've been meaning to rip for ages now. There's 30 minutes from another show on the other side, which I'll upload when I've verified the date.


  • Girls At Our Best. Repeat of one and only session, first broadcast 23 February 1981.
  • Ponderosa Glee Boys. Repeat of one and only session, recorded 15 July 1981, first broadcast 25 July 1981. (listed on the book as 25th July 1981 was a Saturday ~ only link to Peel was John Walter's Weekly)
  • (Please add details of any commercial release of these sessions)


  • Neon Barbs: Break Your Chains (7" single) Logical Step Music
  • Discussion with Paul Morley about the merits of the previous song.
  • Girls At Our Best: Getting Beautiful Warm Gold Fast From Nowhere (session)
  • Howlin' Wolf: You'll Be Mine (LP – Chess Masters) Chess
  • Skodas: Dog (single b-side) Heartbeat
  • (JP: 'One hates these clever endings, doesn't one?')
  • Null And Void: Dogs Of Christ (12" single) M.A.O. Records
  • Misty In Roots: Bail Out (12" single) People Unite
  • Ponderosa Glee Boys: Ritual (session)
  • (JP: 'I got a rather aggrieved postcard from a listener saying that she thought that I'd become a New Romantic. New Romantics were last week, and also, as I said earlier, I don't have the figure for it.')
  • Theatre Of Hate: Nero (single) Burning Rome (cut - tape ends)


  • John Peel - 1981-08-12.mp3
  • 31:52
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