• 1985-08-12
  • Start of show: "Well, as medium wave listeners will know, it sounds as though our Janice is having a fine time there in Edinburgh. I'm sorry our paths didn't cross last Wednesday. I hated to lose two hours of programme, but a matter of principle was involved, so... Anyway, actually, to be honest with you I had a spot of work to do on Simon Le Bon's boat."
  • The 'matter of principle' referred to above appears to have been a one-day strike at the BBC on 07 August 1985 over the pulling of a "Real Lives" programme on Northern Ireland [1], [2]. Pete Drummond had sat in for Peel, seemingly after Peel refused to cross the picket line.[3]
  • First from the Smiths session repeat is dedicated to Peel’s eldest son.
  • The Cure's 'In Between Days' is #16 in the current UK singles chart. Gary Davies unveils the new rundown the following day at 12.45pm.
  • Peel has allegedly had a mountain named after him by 3 Mustaphas 3.
  • Verdict on Sanny X and P-Rez (apparently a favorite of John Walters): "I know it’s awful, but I mean it’s satisfyingly awful rather than being just awful."
  • It’s JP’s birthday in 18 days – "Count ’em!"
  • The Hollies are played and were big favourites of Peel's "at one time".



(end of final track of Janice Long show on File a, followed by Peel show intro also on File f)

(tape flip from File a to File b mid-song)

(tape flip from File b to File c mid-song)

File f ends during above track

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  • a) 385-850812b.mp3
  • b) 385-850812.mp3
  • c) 386-850812a.mp3
  • d) 386-850812b.mp3
  • e) 1985-08-12 John Peel BBC Radio 1
  • f) JP-12-8-85.mp3
  • g) 020A-B0556XXXXXXX-0100A0.mp3
  • h) 020A-B0556XXXXXXX-0101A0.mp3
  • a) 00:23:59 (Peel show starts at 2.19)
  • b) 00:23:57
  • c) 00:24:10
  • d) 00:24:00
  • e) 01:28:10
  • f) 00:58:14
  • g) 01:01:57
  • h) 00:57:58
  • Files a) to d) created from T385 and T386 of 400 Box. AM quality. Many thanks to RC.
  • File e) is a re-edit into a single file of a) to d): many thanks to Bill.
  • File f) created by Peel Mailing List member Darrg. FM quality.
  • Files g) to h) recordings at the British Library