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* Thanks to Max for the upload
* Thanks to Max for the upload
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; Available
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* [ Mooo]
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  • 1991-08-12
  • Start of show: "Hello fans once again this is John Peel for Radio Bremen Vier and Radio 4U Berlin and this week I got the house virtually to myself, the rest of the family having gone of to some kind of horse event on the other side of Bury St Edmunds, so what I'll think I do is have a beer and play you some nice records"

Tracklisting Edit

  • File a starts
(JP: 'One dance which I have no difficulty in doing')
(News in the German language)
(Peel apologises for the slightly incoherent link between the songs due to his own children arriving at home and the distraction of Sheila dancing in the room)
(JP: 'Well this isn't really my day, just been told I can't go to the pub, I was looking forward to that')
(JP: 'From Berkeley to Buckley, further advances in programming techniques')

File Edit

  • a) RB4 120891-a
  • b) RB4 120891-b
  • 0:56:01
  • 0:55:09
  • Thanks to Max for the upload
  1. The track was released as a single a year later and reached number 32 in the 1992 Festive Fifty
  2. Peel mentioned that the track was called the 'Dibby Dibby Sound' on the Collektive EP and wasn't sure who the artist were. In fact the song came from the Dub Collective and can be found on YouTube
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