• 1970-12-12
  • Praises the opening track as a worthy tribute to Hendrix that even impressed the operators in the studio. Describes the double album by Eric Clapton's new band as "nearly indispensable."
  • Saw Hawkwind "recently at Blisworth, Northants" and is going to see Delivery at the same venue the following day. (The Hawkwind date appears to be 29 Nov. 1970.)[1]
  • A session by visiting American Larry Johnson, who was one of the few young black singers of country blues. He recorded for Blue Goose Records, a subsidiary of the blues reissue label Yazoo Records devoted to new material.
  • Says Ry Cooder track sounds a little like "Kevin Ayers meets Captain Beefheart, which can't be entirely bad." (Cooder had been a member of Beefheart's Magic Band and had played on the Safe As Milk LP).
  • Looks forward to the upcoming Top Gear Christmas special on 26 December 1970.
  • The Python Lee Jackson track, which features Rod Stewart as session singer, eventually became a big hit. Peel introduces it here as something of a collectors item that was recorded about 18 months before. Peel's manager and Dandelion Records partner, Clive Selwood, writes about the recording of the track and subsequent problems in his autobiography "All The Moves (But None Of The Licks)" (pg 111-2). Stewart was apparently paid for the session with 15 pounds' worth of spare parts for his car.
  • Signs off with a burst of the theme music from Monty Python ("must unquestionably be the best television programme ever").
  • News: Government to declare state of emergency to deal with electricity crisis. *Football: Liverpool win 2-1 away against West Ham. [*West Ham Utd 1-2 Liverpool FL Div. 1. Jimmy Greaves scored for West Ham and Jack Witham (27min) & Phil Boersma (43min) for Liverpool. Attendance 27, 459].


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(tape flip)

  1. Thoughts To Geoff
  2. Five After Dawn
  3. Green And Orange Night Park



  • a) 1970-12-12 #1 (Hawkwind, Larry Johnson, Keith Tippett sessions)
  • b) 1970-12-12 #2 (Hawkwind, Larry Johnson, Keith Tippett sessions)
  • a) 00:59:36
  • b) 01:02:14
  • Many thanks to those responsible for originally recording and sharing this show. Re-up by SIG.
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