• 2003-02-12
  • Cat Power session appears much anticipated, following her previous two-part cover versions epic (20 July 2000 / 31 August 2000) and performance at Peel Acres (23 August 2001).
  • After problems gaining permission to play the latest White Stripes album, JP has a few jibes at the XL label before and after playing the Zongamin single (also on XL).
  • Unsympathetically plays 'Maximum Overdrive' by Winnebago Deal to help someone snap out of a cold.
  • After querying the whereabouts of Bury St Edmunds band Blue Gandhi on last night's programme, Matt from the Exiles contacts Peel to say that the band are taking time off to concentrate on their A levels. JP: "The strange thing is, I asked the same question about this time last year and they were doing their A level studies there. Which means that they must have done very, very poorly indeed when the exams came round. So let's hope they do better this year."
  • In other reference back to last night's programme, Peel reveals that they didn't make it to the Happy Hardcore record shop in Croydon. JP: "What with one thing and another, we went out and had lunch instead."
  • A moment of confusion at the start of the Lightning Bolt track, which finishes almost before it gets going.
  • American hardcore band Teen Cthulhu send John an email with some information about their history. JP: "We're sending them a greasy email even as I speak in the hope of scrounging free copies of their earlier stuff that's still available... We'll keep in touch with them for sure, and if they ever come this way, try and get them in to do a session."


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JP: "Arguably the greatest soul voice there ever was."


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