• 1981-01-12
  • The TV Smith session from this show is also available in three separate files with Peel links. They also capture the beginning and end of the programme.
  • Peel mentions that he will be appearing with Sheena Easton on Radio One's singles review programme Roundtable on Friday 23rd January. JP: "I can scarcely wait for that, I must admit."
  • John also mentions that he will be appearing on BBC1's Nationwide on Wednesday evening (he thinks), "talking about albums of the year and that sort of thing."
  • The Honey Bane single had been handed to Peel by the artist herself at Broadcasting House reception the previous week.
  • The Peer Pressure 7" was sent to Peel by a member of Ruts DC.
  • 'Reason To Believe' by Tim Hardin is played as a tribute to the folk musician, who had died the previous month.



  • File 4 begins. Start of show: "Well, you win a few and you lose a few: Liverpool will still win the league anyway. [1] I was sorry to see Meadowbank go down by the odd goal, though. Tonight, from January 1978, our first Adam and the Ants session all over again, together with three new tunes from the Undertones - well, you may have heard them before on the radio, but they're pretty new - and also the debut of TV Smith's Explorers, but to start the programme.... is it too early to nominate an album of the year for 1981?" #
  • Sheena Easton: Take My Time (album - Take My Time) EMI EMC 3354
  • Undertones: Positive Touch (session)
JP: "Seven minutes into the programme and no songs about anybody dying. What's the matter with me?"
(JP: 'TV Smith's Explorers: you've doubtless heard their excellent single already numerous times. This is....') #
(JP: 'Ah yes, I've seen it done any times.') #
JP: "I rather feel that I'm a bit of an underachiever as well actually, I've never met David Frost or Michael Parkinson or Russell Harty or any of the people who really count. I once sat across the table from Russell Harty but he didn't speak."
JP: "I can't understand why the whole world hasn't gone Passions crazy, I must say."
Trailer for tomorrow evening's 'Talkabout' programme.
(JP: 'But where is Gaye Advert? goes up the cry from 10,000 coarse throats.) #
(JP: 'That's it: goodnight.') #
Sections marked # on files 1-3


  • 1) PEEL Walk Away
  • 2) PEEL Last Words
  • 3) PEEL Servant
  • 4) 1980-01-12 Peel Show DB217
  • 1) 00:03:48
  • 2) 00:05:13
  • 3) 00:03:39
  • 4) 1:33:42
  • 1-3 Very good FM stereo sound @ 128 kbps. Many thanks to Dave.
  • 4) File created from DB217 of Derby Box, digitised by Weatherman22.
  1. On 10 January, Peel's team had lost by 2 goals to nil against Aston Villa: they beat West Ham after a replay of the League Cup Final in April, and also won the European Cup in May, but only finished fifth in the League - their lowest position in a 20-year period - with Villa winning the title.
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