• 1992-01-12
  • Start of show features handover from Andy Kershaw speaking really fast, obviously to try and finish in time.
  • "20 seconds over, Andy (Kershaw: 'Oh damn – sorry!'). Earlier this evening I was reading John Osborne in the Sunday Telegraph and he was going on about pop music and I quote, 'pop music with its defeated supplicant beat, inexorable, dulled and tame.' Well, we have loads of it for you." (Kershaw laughs)
  • A listener writes in with comments about Peel's recent appearance on R4's 'The Archers'.
  • Another listener contacts Peel to point out that the orchestral sample used in Shut Up And Dance's "The Green Man" is taken from the soundtrack of the film "The Last Emperor". Peel plays the relevant piece of music to prove it.


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(File starts on L067b.)
(tape flip to L214b)
JP: "Expensive import from America from Lord Finesse and that's called 'Return of the Funky Man'. And that doubtless is what they'll be saying in Scunthorpe on Friday when the John Peel Roadshow breezes into town. I won't tell you the venue in order to keep the rioting to a minimum, but something for you to look out for if you're in the Scunthorpe area."
(tape flip to L213a)
JP: "Andy was telling me, and I must admit that I didn't hear it myself, that a track by Lucien Bokilo was played on DLT's programme yesterday on Radio One FM. This is marvellous news." [2]
  • Lucien Bokilo: Léonore (LP - Le Jeu Est Fini) Jimmy's Productions
JP: "And Dave, if you're listening I've got loads of good records you could play next weekend."
(tape flip to L084a)
  • (File cuts in as Peel discusses Silverfish and refers to earlier conversation with Lesley.)
  • Dickless: Sweet Teeth (Various LP - Teriyaki Asthma Vols 1-5) C/Z Records
JP: "In case I sound slightly out of breath, it's because all of a sudden I seem to have lost the next three or four records that I was going to play for you. What I've done with them I simply can't imagine. While I'm looking for them I'll play this."
JP: "One more from them before we disappear into the night."
JP: "I don't play many of the Peel sessions records on Strange Fruit, no particular reason for it, but I assume you know them already. But I did listen over Christmas to the 'Winters Of Discontent' double LP, '77 - 83 the Peel Sessions' and having not heard it previously I'm ashamed to say, I actually came out of it rather proud of it. This is one of the tracks from the double LP:"
(tape flip to L213b)
JP: "What a mad rush this programme is turning out to be. All as a consequence of my losing those records, but I think I've got everything under control again now."
JP: "And now coming up for the fourth successive programme, it's Bang Bang Machine, and if you've not heard this before then you're in for a real treat. Well, you're in for a real treat whether you've heard it before or not. Since I played it to you last night though, I've seen what I take to be a photograph of Bang Bang Machine and I was rather disturbed to see that they were all wearing shades in what appeared to be some sort of a studio, but I put this down to youthful high spirits or misunderstandings of some sort and hope that they won't do it again."
JP: "Next weekend I'll try and control myself and only play it once."
(tape flip to L084b)
  • (File cuts in as Peel mentions an ABBA cover.)
JP: "The last one from Silverfish is their version of David Essex's "Rock On". This is something I've been looking forward to all evening."
JP: "And after the most excellent letter that one of the members of the band wrote to me, Andy Kershaw and myself plan to try and get them over here by some means or other."


  • 1992-01-12 Peel Show V2.mp3
  • 02:59:48
  1. The group is announced as 'De Goaas' by Peel and he says the record originates in Linz in Austria. This is probably a case of him being confused by the record sleeve as the group is almost certainly Attwenger, who released a song called 'Goaaß' in 1991 [1].
  2. Kershaw tells the story of how this came about in his own show from earlier the same evening. [2].
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