• 1996-01-12
  • John complains about a toothache that nearly forced him to miss this programme. He also points out that some people applying for a Festive Fifty list seem to think they will get a cassette of the shows: as he says, this is impossible for copyright reasons.
  • Almost complete recording, beginning at Peel's back announcement of the first track, that track now available on File 2/5/6. Only Peel's intro now missing



(JP: "Now that is a first actually. That has never happened to me in all of the years that I've been working at wonderful Radio 1: the machine actually packed up in the middle of a trail. Whether the machine was editorialising in some way I simply don't know.")
(JP: "This is going to be another one of those links where I talk too much. Let me just talk about the Festive Fifty: thanks to the tens of thousands of people who pointed out that we played the wrong Stereolab track. It was down on a cassette from one of the festivals, I think, and it was actually the wrong track: I apologise for that.")

Tracks marked # available on File 2 Tracks marked @ available on File 3 Tracks marked & available on File 4 Tracks marked $ available on File 5 Tracks marked £ available on File 6


  • 1) CB131 + CB132 JP 1996-01-12
  • 2) Dat_100_JP-MIX_BBCR1-.mp3
  • 3) 1995-12-xx-1996-01-xx  Peel Show LE263
  • 4) 1995-12-xx-1996-01-xx  Peel Show LE264
  • 5) 1996-01-xx  Peel Show LE266
  • 6) 1996-01-xx  Peel Show LE267
  • 1) 2:51:09
  • 2) 4:04:55 (2:20:26 to 3:40:57) (to 2:26:32 unique)
  • 3) 1:33:33 (from 1:23:05)
  • 4) 1:32:14 (to 17:51)
  • 5) 1:32:39 (from 1:27:26)
  • 6) 1:32:55 (to 1:12:50)
  1. John and the team muse on the meaning of this Italian title: it stands for 'garlic and olive oil.'
  2. This being a promo copy, John refers to the album as Eyes Full of Gold.
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