• 2001-07-12
  • Programme comes from Peel Acres.
  • Roy Head single that starts the show was later found in John Peel's Record Box, as was the Upholsterers single (featuring a young Jack White of the White Stripes).
  • The second track in the programme (by Mush) sounds suspiciously like it was played at the wrong speed. "I think I've been playing at the right speed", says Peel.
  • The opening Super Furry Animals number is announced as a "very new" one. In fact, it wouldn't secure a release until the Love Kraft LP in August 2005.
  • Peel mentions that during a recent record-buying spree in Norwich, he found a copy of the Dandelion Records sampler 'There Is Some Fun Going Forward'. "It was marked down to a pound, which was very upsetting indeed" says Peel, who bought it. "I bought it really because I felt it should be liberated and I didn't like the idea of it going for just a pound to some home where it was treated with indifference." The LP sleeve famously has a photo of Peel naked in the bath with a naked model.
  • There is no Pig's Big 78 in this show.


No known commercial release.


(JP: 'And that's another record that I brought in Norwich earlier in the week... I've got it on LPs but I thought it would be useful to have it on a 45 just in case I want to play it at any of these gigs that I do. I think actually that I may well have been the first person to play that on the radio because we got it as an exclusive at KOMA radio in Oklahoma City when I was doing the evening programme there. We played it first on the station and I think probably first in the world. Does that matter? Are you impressed? Almost certaintly not, I fear.')
(JP: 'The temptation to follow it with a track by Therapy? was considerable, I will admit it, but I resisted it.')
(JP: 'Until about a week ago I would have looked in vain for a song, or a recent song, that mentioned Suffolk. But in fact there's a track on the new LP from Delicate Awol on Day Release Records and called 'Our Genome' and this is 'Suffolk is renowned for heavy horses'. Which it certainly is as a matter of fact. And a very fine football team.')
(JP: 'Well come on, worth a quid of anybody's money I'd say.')
(JP: 'Before the weekend is out I need to play you this again, the most essential track around at the moment. This is from Half Man Half Biscuit.')
(JP: 'An entire culture summed up in 35 seconds!')


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