• John Peel 263
  • Radio Eins
  • 2003-06-12
  • Start of show: 'Well, hello again and welcome to Peel 263 from Radio Eins.'


  • n/a


(JP: 'It's been a strange day for me today, because it's been very thundery out here in the countryside in England. There's always a danger there'll be a clap of thunder, and the programme will be taken off the air, effectively, or at least it'll stop recording, because there'll be no electricity. Let's hope that doesn't happen, because I've been having to do a lot of pre-recording in order to get away to Barcelona for the Sonar Festival, and I'm having to do it all on me own because the rest of the family has gone to a christening in London. It's been a long...hard...lonely day, and I hope you feel sorry for me.')
(JP: 'While that was going on, this is absolutely true, the deer that I've mentioned on several previous occasions on these programmes appeared in the field opposite. There's just one of them now, because hunters got the other three, I think, which is very sad, but I now think of this one, because it appears every time I do these programmes. I think of it as being the Radio Eins deer.')
(JP: 'Such a fantastic record, I think my favourite of the year so far...Every time I hear it, I get really quite excited all over again. Well, as excited as I dare, anyway.')
(JP: 'Now if you were to tell me that's what they listen to on other planets, I would not be at all surprised to hear that.')
  • Hamartia: 'Fading Oral (LP-To Play The Part)' (Goodlife Recordings)
  • Pussycats: 'Dressed In Black (Compilation LP-Where The Girls Are 5)' (Ace) (tape ends with this track)


  • John Peel 2003-06-12 - Vol 263 (Radio Eins)
  • 01:47:27
  1. JP refers to the track under its original 7 inch title, 'Not Drug Addicts'.
  2. Peel has no information listed on the record, only the month of release: he notes the male vocalist's similarity to Mark E. Smith of the Fall.
  3. There is an exhaustive history of this group here.
  4. JP is extremely proud of the fact that his son William introduces this, live from the Phoenix Festival.
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